Murray and Lanman Cinnamon Soap

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Powerful, cinnamon soap is a natural product that is widely used for therapeutic and wellness purposes.

Besides being a healthy and eco-friendly option for body hygiene, cinnamon soap helps attract prosperity and also has a number of spiritual benefits, helping to balance the energies of the body and mind.

First of all, cinnamon is a spice that is widely known for its aphrodisiac effects. When used in soaps, it can help stimulate the body and mind, providing a sense of well-being and boosting confidence and self-esteem. In addition, cinnamon is also known for its energizing properties, which help to balance energy and improve concentration and productivity.

Another spiritual benefit of cinnamon soap is that it is an excellent choice for meditation and energy cleansing. Cinnamon is a spice that is widely used in purification and protection rituals, and its aroma is able to cleanse negative energies and bring a feeling of peace and tranquility. In addition, using cinnamon soaps before meditating can help prepare the body and mind for a deeper and more enriching session.

Cinnamon soap is also a great option for emotional healing. Its aphrodisiac and energizing properties help to balance the emotions and reduce stress and anxiety.

About Lanman Peru

The company was founded in 1808 by Robert L. Murray in New York. In 1835, Robert L Murray joined DT Lanman and the business was conducted under the company name Murray & Lanman. In 1835, the name of the company was changed to David T. Lanman and company, and in 1861 to Lanman & Kemp. All their products are dedicated to energetic protection and upliftment of the spirit.

This is a vegan, 100% natural soap with organic, raw, African shea butter.

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