Coconut Scare Away Spirits with Shells

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Scares away spirits with coconut shells and white shells.

Size approximately 60 cm

About the Spirit Charmers

Wind chimes, wind chimes, happiness bells, or wind messengers are objects usually made of metal pipes, bamboo, shells, or sticks suspended by wires that produce sound when touched by the wind.

The Espanta Espíritos serve to drive away the so-called “wandering spirits” and energize an environment. By the vibration of the sound they produce, they attract positive energies, protective energies, harmony, and joy. Those made from natural materials have the ability to call upon the elementals that govern these elements used in spirit scares.
They vibrate and raise the Energy of the environment, emit a relaxing and pleasant sound, and harmonize the place with frequency and high vibration.
In ancient times, they were used immensely to warn of presences – spirits, bad energies, etc. -, with gentle tinkling. Since everything around us is energy, it is enough to set these objects tinkling even without wind or air currents, and that natural vibration is enough to make these energies (spirits) not stay in that place.
Archaeologists have discovered evidence of ancient spirit scatters made from shells and bones at excavations in Southeast Asia. Various forms of spirit scares were also discovered in Greece and Egypt. The Chinese perfected the tonal accuracy of their bronze spirit scatters around 1100 BC and linked them to the ancient art of feng shui. The Chinese believe that they connect us to nature and the body, creating a greater awareness of living in the moment that leads to a sense of well-being.
Listening to the sound of Spirit Chirps or wind chimes creates a state of balance, relief, serenity, and peace. The wind chimes change the mood and the atmosphere. They inspire peace and harmony in our busy lives.
By vibrating, they raise the energy of the environment, emit a relaxing and pleasant sound, harmonize the place with frequency, and are soothing, relaxing, and healing.

Article 100% natural and handmade, therefore it may suffer alterations in relation to the photos presented on the Templo de Buda site, and may vary color, exact size, among other characteristics.

In case of doubts regarding this product on the Templo de Buda site, you can contact Whatsapp, email or Facebook

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 12 × 60 cm


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