Organic Goloka Indian Incense Davanam

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Goloka Organic Indian incense Davanam was developed following the masala method. The latter consists in making a charcoal-free incense with the help of a mixture of Ghee (shea butter), herbs, wood powder (margousier), plant resins, honey, and natural essential oils.

Davanam is a flowering plant that grows mainly in the southern regions of India. Davanam’s velvety note gives the perfumes a running sensation, plus its aroma is delicious and subtle, it is also perfect for meditation. A fruity liqueur impression, with aromatic, woody and herbaceous touches. Davanam Goloka Organic Incense is a wonderful oriental fragrance that will take you into an Indian experience with its sweet and exotic aroma. It promotes a great sense of well-being in a natural, biological, and transcendental way.

Davanam (Artemisia siversiana and Mugwort) is a very popular incense herb and is used in all kinds of perfumes. Davanam has been widely used in offerings and oratories in the Indian subcontinent. The leaves and flowers produce an essential oil known as Davanam oil. Davanam flowers are offered to Shiva, the God of Transformation, by the faithful, and decorate his altar throughout the day. The Vedic seers knew of its benefits and medicinal properties. By burning this incense a holistic atmosphere will be created. It can also be used as a medicinal de-orizer.

Mantra for when to use this incense

ukto damanko danto muniputra stapodhana:

dandhotkato hhramajato vineeta: kalapatraka:

damanastuvarastikto hriddyo vrishya sugandhika:

The Goloka Nature line features exclusive combinations of aromatic herbs, gold, honey, resins, and oils. They are incense sticks free of toxic materials that will make you live an intoxicating experience! Goloka Natural translates into nature, purity, and positivity. These are incense sticks with a velvety, oral aroma that perfectly match a natural, healthy lifestyle.

Goloka is a well-known brand of incense in India. Goloka incense sticks are made by a non-profit association, Goloka Seva Trust, which operates locally and donates all products to charity. All you need to do is relax and enjoy the great fragrances of these unique incense sticks!

Incense with a delicious and discreet fragrance reminiscent of Indian temples. Perfect for meditation.

Made and hand-rolled in the pure Indian tradition.

Each pack of Goloka Chandan Masala Organica Davanam contains 15g.

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