The Angel Oracle by Ambika Wauters in English (Collection)

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Ambika Wauters’ Angel Oracle Cards (original name) will attune your energy to the Angelic realms. Let the healing energy of the angels enter your life. Use these beautiful cards to connect with the protection, counsel, and the everlasting love that is offered by each angel in their respective heavenly realm.

The cards are designed to correspond to the three hierarchies of Heaven: the Heaven of Form, which relates to our daily and material lives; the Heaven of Creation, which exalts human affairs and relationships and the way humanity deals with its fellow human beings; and the Heaven of Paradise, which shows us how we can participate as co-creators of the universe together with the source. Each level of Heaven has three types of angels.

The Heaven of Form contains the protection and love of the Archangels. Our personal guardians Angels and Angel Princes who rule over specific geographical locations also inhabit this realm.

The Heaven of Creation contains the tender and merciful energies of the Powers, Virtues and Realms. These are the Angels that directly affect the spiritual nature of human relationships. They offer us qualities such as peace, serenity, and harmony. They also help us to accept reconciliation and mercy in our lives and help us to find forgiveness in our hearts.

The Heaven of Paradise contains the Glorious and powerful energies of the Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones. These are the angels of love, wisdom and glory.


Containing 36 cards, this easy-to-use oracle is suitable both for beginners and those with more experience with divination cards. It also contains a pocket book (English) of 109 pages of the same size as the letters. Both are contained inside a solid colored cardboard box. The cards are coated in golden.

Language : English

Card dimensions: 9 cm x 14 cm
Author: Ambika Wauters

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