Tibetan Incense Gate

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This Tibetan incense door with lid is ideal for preserving and transporting your favorite incense.
In Tibetan and Buddhist culture it is used more because its incenses are quite fragile. As they do not have the traditional bamboo stick, if they are not handled with care and patience (as in everything in life), they can break. In Buddhist culture there is the preservation of all that is sacred to spiritual practices. This happens with incense, japamalas, books, vajra and other utensils. For everyone there is a bag to be kept. This is because Buddhists know how important it is to preserve what is sacred. There are several energies around that are not always the best and can affect these ritual practice utensils. Then all the bags and incense door come engraved with symbols made in order to preserve the divine energy.

This Tibetan incense port, due to being made of brass and copper, provides the healthy environment so that the aromas do not evaporate in the air or in a paper box, as they usually come packaged. All handmade incenses harbor the energy of the elementals of the ingredients used for specific purposes. With the weather and the bad physical and energetic packaging of incense, they lose properties.

The adornments and tamnaho can be distinguished from one model to another because they are handmade and individually made in Nepal.

Dimensions 3.5cm diameter with approximately 28cm length

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Weight 180 g
Dimensions 22 × 3 × 22 cm


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