How to treat your crystals

Welcome to the world of energy
of the stones and crystals!

The crystals and stones received the energy of the volcanoes and the strength of the planet’s internal movement for millions of years. Therefore, they have an enormous amount of energy inside.
This natural energy of crystals pulses all the time, emitting waves in frequency ranges extremely beneficial to all life forms of the planet.
In addition to the various experiments and millions of cases of proof of the positive uses of crystals, the final proof of their beneficial effects happens by quantum physics.
According to this theory, every matter in the Universe is formed by energy in constant vibration and all physical bodies interact with each other by exchanging energies in the form of waves. From a spiritual point of view, we realize that each stone induces us to a type of thought and feeling, hence the explanation of why a crystal can favor the manifestation of prosperity, love, enthusiasm, strength and other advantages in our lives.
From a historical point of view, we will see that the kings, queens, magi and priests of various civilizations have always made use of the energies of stones and crystals.
Still from the scientific point of view, we see the energies of crystals to be used in laser devices, computers, mobile phones, satellites, televisions, medical equipment, etc.
And now, these energies are also in your hands!

Crystals are living creatures. They are active participants in nature. Protons, neutrons and electrons fly in an absolute happiness of balance and participation, sustaining patterns of sacred geometry. Yes, geometry is sacred because nothing could be built in the natural world without it. Biology is mathematics.
They radiate pure patterns and sing their amazing songs of structure, balance, wavelength and frequency. It helps bring us back to harmony. Nature repeats itself over and over again. Once it finds a pattern that works, it works on that pattern. We are all built to the same standards – the same materials. Each stone resonates with a slightly different pattern geometrically. These same geometric patterns reside in our systems, organs, etc.
Healing is often a matter of regaining the harmony inherent in our body, leaving aside what we are keeping – our own ideas about how, where, when, what and why – mental structures that behave inorganicly. Our organic forms are there to be expressed and experienced effortlessly. Mother Nature takes care of all this, if we can only learn to respect her and give ourselves to her wisdom.

You got your crystal and now?

Its new stone or crystal emits positive energies all the time, which leads to an overload of less positive energies.
But the good news is that through simple procedures we can clean, energize and direct your energies to the purpose we want.
The whole process boils down to performing the following 3 steps in the order they are presented: Cleaning, Energizing and Programming


The simplest and most effective method of cleaning your crystal is to wash it in water
current with salt (preferably sea salt or Himalayan salt), but there are crystals that do not like this method because it wears them. So this must be avoided if you cannot achieve others.
You can cleanse with smoke of Pau Santo, White Sage, Olibanum, Myrrh, Benzoin or other type of incense of discharge.

You can also clean with the Selenite crystal. Selenite towers are used a lot, but any form of Selenite is valid. Just leave for 5min together and it will be clean.

You can also clean with drusas. The most used is Amethyst and White Quartz. Just put on top of the drusa for a few minutes and it will also be clean.

You can also use the Crystal Tuner or crystal tuner to get the crystal back to its natural essence quickly.


All forms of energization consist of exposing stones and crystals to a natural source of energy. The simplest and most effective ways are to leave the crystal exposed to sunlight for about 4 hours or to moonlight for a period of 6 hours, but any contact with Nature A garden, a river, rain, a vase with live plants) will do its effect
Alternatively, we can charge them by placing them in contact with special stones that self-charge, such as Citrine crystal, Super Seven, crystal drushes and Grenade.
Note: Some crystals, such as Amethyst, can lose their color if exposed to the sun for a long time.


Crystals emit a natural beneficial vibration all the time, however, to amplify their power, we can add information we want the crystal to emit in conjunction with its vibrations.
We can, for example, program a Quartz Crystal that emanates purification vibrations to also facilitate meditation in the environment.
We can also strengthen the energy type of a crystal. For example, we can program a crystal that already emits prosperity frequencies (like a Citrine) to also emanate business-friendly energies.
To program your crystal, you must first relax the mind and body well, empty the thoughts and put all your mental focus on the crystal or stone you want to program.

Energy Emission

The shape greatly influences the way the energies of stones and crystals are propagated. This phenomenon was identified and studied by several scientists, the most famous was Marcel Vogel. He mapped and proved the emission of these positive energies in the various formats of natural and cut crystals. Below is a visual mapping to help you work with the energies of the various crystal forms.

Spheres : They emit energy equally in all directions
Tips: Emit energy through their tip
Pyramids: Emit the energy of the 4 elements by their 4 edges symmetrically
Canes: Enlarge and emit energy by its tip
Jewelry: Magnetize the person who uses it emanating energy directly into the aura
Drusas: Emit energy at the apex of all your tips
Trees, Flowers and Animals: Emanated the energies of the stones in harmony in all directions
Stone Kits: Combine your energies with each other and emanat you in all directions around you

Amplifying Energy

Crystals act by emitting energies in the form of frequencies of positive vibrations that induce the natural processes of healing, spiritual elevation, relaxation, manifestation of prosperity, love, purification, etc.
The crystal, according to its programming and according to its typical energies, already emits these positive energies all the time, however, you can intensify the strength of these energies.
The keys to the proper functioning of crystals and stones are:
a) The confidence and certainty of the strength of the crystals that the user has
b) The permission of the person who will receive the emissions from the crystals
(in the case of use in energy therapies)

(d) the importance of the user’s trust and certainty is based on the
buddha’s teachings – “What do you believe, come true,” and
in quantum physics, which found that the observer has the ability
influence the matter.
To acquire this trust, there are only two paths: or the person
feels these energies and tests the results or studies to the point of
actually see that the power of the crystals’ energies is real.

By working more and more with the crystals, their sensitivity will grow and the results in relation to them will increase. That’s why some therapists have so much success with them. That’s all, there’s no secrets. You can also achieve a state of mastery in the use of crystals starting today!
In the case of the patient who will receive the energies, the way is for the therapist to give confidence that he knows what he is doing and that he has only good intentions. For this, nothing better than to explain how energies act, cite positive cases and maintain a close, affectionate and cordial relationship with the patient.
Working on these two keys, the results will simply be amazing. And yes, it’s all very simple! The crystals have always worked, what should only be done before is our energy reconnection with them!

Types of Energies

LOVE: It induces us to free the love that already exists in us, but which we often have difficulty expressing. It can also be used to magnetize us in order to attract a new love or so that we can help others awaken their emotions and feelings.
Stones: Rose Quartz, Canga Rosa Stone, Pink Tourmaline and Jade.

PROSPERITY: Helps to steady your feet on the ground and attract ideas, thoughts and
feelings of prosperity, abundance and abundance.
Stones: Citrus, Pyrite, Mica Star, Diamond, Green Tourmaline, Imperial Topaz, Leopardita and Pearl.

STRENGTH AND VITALITY: It induces the liberation of our internal energies related to courage, determination and strength. It inspires us to be more optimistic and confident in the face of life’s challenges.
Stones: Magnetite, Cornaline, Fire Agate and SunStone.

PROTECTION: Eliminates and removes all forms of negative influences. In addition to eliminating negativity, it prevents malicious vibration streams from reaching us or having an effect on us.
Stones:Turmalina Negra, Jasper red and Amethyst

PURIFICATION: Harmonizes energies promoting atmosphere conducive to peace, relaxation and tranquility.
Stones: Smoked Quartz or Smoke, Crystal Tips and Crystal Drusa.

SPIRITUAL ELEVATION: It facilitates the increase of our vibration and stimulates thoughts and feelings connected to the divine. Great for meditation.
Stones: Celestita, Selenita and Cyanite.

ENERGETIC HEALING: Facilitates the harmonization of our Aura inducing an improvement of physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Stones: Crisocola,Lemuiriano Quartz

GOOD LUCK: It induces us to come into positive harmony in order to attract and manifest situations and events favorable to our projects and desires
of our soul.
Stones: Amazonite, Amber, Coral and Turquoise

MEDIUNITY AND CLAIRVOYANCE: It induces the awakening of the upper chakras and thus our ability to
receive information and feelings from higher plans. It can facilitate the holding of mediumistic sessions and lucky readings, such as Tarot,
Runes, etc.
Stones: Azurita, Angelita, Super Seven, Mystic Merlinite and Charoite

SELF CONFIDENCE AND PERSONAL MAGNETISM: It increases your personal brilliance, bringing more confidence, sympathy and making people recognize your real value.
Stones: Rutile, Fluorite, Sunstone and Blue Topaz

OPENING PATHS: It removes roadblocks and obstacles and makes us see the real solutions and opportunities for our life.
Stones: Colorless Topaz, Ammetrino, Opal and Blue Tourmaline.


Recommended Stones: blue and purple crystals and stones.
While meditating, hold the stones on your palms or place them in the frontal and coronary chakras. We can also keep these stones always in our meditation place to prepare the energies of the environment for this purpose.

Environment Purification and Energization
Recommended Stones: Druze, Fumafo Quartz or Smoked,
Crystal Tips and Big Stones.
First, load the crystals well, leaving them for about 4 hours in the sunlight. Then position your crystal preferably in the center
environment at a height of 0.5 m to 1 m from the ground. Alternatively, spread small crystals throughout the environment, thus creating an energizing network.

Elixirs of Crystals
Recommended Stones: Quartz Crystals, Citrus, Amethyst, Super 7, Smoked Quartz Smoke.
Note: We do not recommend the use of other stones without in-depth studies, as they can release small fragments and elements that can be harmful to health.
Leave the crystals in the drinking water for about 4 hours and then take the water normally. The positive vibrations you will receive are the same vibrations that the crystal already has.

Recommended Stones: Rounded and flat with a shape conducive to the performance of the massage.
Lightly heat the stones in hot water and use them as an extension of your hands. Massage by pressing the stones over the desired locations. If performing sliding movements, rub massage oils on the person and also on the stones. This oil can be removed easily and will not harm your stone or crystal.

Chakra Balance and Energization
Recommended Stones: See on the next pages the best stones for each chakra.
Position the stones on each chakra or perform circular movements (hourly position) 5 cm high from each chakra.
The good result here depends on the state of relaxation of the person who will receive the energies.

Recommended Stones: Crystal rods, platonic solids, self-cured crystal, crystallemuria, crystal curing agent, golden healer crystal, crystal merkabha, crystal stars.
In this application, the crystals will potentiate the energies of those who apply Reiki. They will not act independently of the facilitator of therapy. In this case,
the facilitator should use the crystals as extensions of his hands.

Energy Therapies
Recommended Stones: Virtually all stones and crystals can be used. We only suggest associating the type of healing energy that
if you want to the type of energy of the crystal. On our website you can check the indication of use for therapy in each stone or crystal.
We recommend applying the methods established by crystal therapies, such as: gemotherapy, lithotherapy, pranic healing, brightness frequencies and crystallotherapy.

Personal Energization
Recommended Stones: Choose the stone that has the energies you feel and believe that they will be the most beneficial to you and do not hesitate to use more than one stone. Their energies will only combine and become more beneficial.
We can carry the stones and crystals in our pocket or suitcase, in the car, under the pillow and preferably as jewels in direct contact with our skin.

For Gift
Recommended Stones: In general the most interesting stones to gift are
those of greater beauty or who have some specific energy that the person needs.
The most suitable is to present the person with a jewel or semi-jewel with the ideal stone for her or with a stone of good shape so that they can leave in their room, office or car.

Prayers and rituals
Recommended Stones: Crystals, Angelite, Celestita, Stone of the Cross, Super Seven, Moonstone and Selenite.
Use the stones to intensify your rituals or prayers. Place them on your altar or in contact with your body during the ceremony.

Feng Shui
Recommended Stones: Faceted Crystals, Tips, Drusas, Generating Crystals and Spheres.
In general, use faceted crystals to unlock energies and other stones for specific purposes. We can use, for example, a pink quartz in the room to improve family relationships in this location. For more information, consult some material of interest to you or a professional in Feng Shui. You
you’ll see how useful crystals can be to harmonize the home or work environments.

Recommended Stones: The rarest and most difficult formations to find.
By choosing stones and crystals as collection objects, you will have a fun that will beautify and energize your home. Collectible crystals call
attention for its unique beauty, with special formations and super extra quality stones. Collection shelves are usually the highlight of collectors’ homes.

Chakra crystals
Chakras are energy centers arranged around our body.
Due to negative feelings and thoughts and poor diet, these centers can be unbalanced, thus generating physical, mental and emotional diseases.
The stones and crystals act very beneficially for the harmonization, alignment and balance of our Chakras.
Each stone, in general, is more connected to a Chakra. See below for a list
of the main stones recommended for each:

Sahashara 7th Chakra Crown
Amethyst, Moldavita, Quartz Crystal, Celestita, Selenite

Ajna 6th Frontal Chakra
Sodalita, Lapis Lazuli, Diamond Herkimer, Sapphire, Apofylite

Vishudda 5th Laryngeal Chakra
Blue Quartz, Blue Tourmaline, Azurite, Turquoise, Seawater, Blue Topaz

Anatha 4th Cardiac Chakra
Green Quartz, Rose Quartz, Kunzita, Rodonite, Pink Tourmaline, Peridot

Manipura 3rd Chakra Solar Plexus
Citrus, Tiger’s Eye, Yellow Jasper, Beryl, Rhodocrosite

Swadhisthana 2nd Chakra Sacro
Cornaline, Orange Calcite, Brown Jasper, Colorless Topaz

Muladhara 1st Root Chakra
Black Tourmaline, Onyx, Red Jasper, Obsidian, Smoked Quartz or Smoked

Stones of the Signs
The stones have direct links to the zodiac signs. They act in
in order to enhance the qualities of the native of each sign and to control
their weakest points.
See the list of the most recommended stones for each sign:
Capriconium | Aries – Ruby, Jasper, Cornaline, Fire Agate
Taurus – Malachite, Emerald, Lapis Lazúli, Rose Quartz, Agate
Gemeos – Agate, Apatita, Topaz, Tourmaline, Pearl
Crab | Cancer – Pearl, Rodonite, Chrysopotics, Moonstone
Lion – Amber, Chrysocola, Tiger’s Eye, Boji
Virgo – Onyx, Peridoto, Amazonite, Blue Topaz, Agate
Scale | Libra – Citrus, Chrysotile, Ametrino, Green Quartz
Scorpio – Opal, Granada, Obsidian, Diophasius, Agate
Sagittarius – Amethyst, Chalcedony, Sodalita, Agate Blue Lace or Lacy Blue Agate
Capricorn – Azeviche, Fluorite, Black Tourmaline, Quartz Crystal
Aquarius – Turquoise, Angelita, Celestita, Lapis Lazúli
Fish – Marine Water, Amethyst, Labradorite, Calcite

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