Who we are

We are the first Esoteric Low Cost Online store in Portugal.

The Templo de Buda was born in March 2019.

At Templo de Budawe want to offer the most cordial welcome to our online store and invite you to visit us regularly.

We regularly perform product replacements, incorporating new references of the latest models in the market.

In the Templo de Buda we know the importance of time and for this our goal is to satisfy our customers with a fast, efficient and professional store.

Shop for esoteric products comfortably at home, work or where you have internet access, and you’ll see that the benefits are many: reduced shopping costs and substantial gain in time. Thanks to our new and adaptable website, you can easily buy using your smartphone or tablet.

Our customer service department takes care of the ultimate satisfaction of all our consumers, offering assistance at all times, from purchase to delivery.

We are an online store that is guided by the presentation of low cost quality products that will effectively help you live a more balanced life so that your spiritual development is peaceful!