Green Tara Project

OM Tare Tuttare Soha

Green Tara is the goddess of universal compassion, enlightenment, and virtuous actions. She is said to be the mother of all Buddhas (beings who have attained Nibhana, enlightenment).

By chanting the Green Tara mantra one begins to create union with the All and the supreme divine consciousness.

This is the goal of the Green Tara project at the Templo de Buda store.

The planet has long yearned for more enlightened and conscious beings, where your mind, actions, emotions and speech are always at the highest point of the divine, thus ceasing to harm everything around you.

Since the beginning of the Templo de Buda project we have tried our best to include this mantra in our whole being.

They were used from the beginning:

  • Reused boxes
  • Destruction of paper that is later used in packaging
  • Filling material for protecting crystals and other more delicate items
  • Combining elements of nature (feathers, shells, flowers, crystals, and others) in our requests
  • Recyclable sourced delivery bags

All this with the support of various establishments that have joined the cause and also with the support of the nature that surrounds us. In this, we travel almost daily to bring what Mother Gaya has reserved for us and send it to our customers

All materials are collected without violence in the heart and mind, and with the total humility to ask, being collected the feathers – for example – fallen from the birds, nothing is plucked. With this we have managed to get these same people today to take care not to destroy and with their care, keep all these materials for us.

It is always a pleasure to see everyone’s smile, because they are helping. For that is the ultimate goal of being Human, To help and support one’s neighbor.

Still we have several goals to achieve.

We still have a lot of plastic that we are in the transition and elimination phase. This plastic is still used in the packaging of some products, as well as the gifts that go with each order. Therefore, we are checking for new packaging possibilities.

The Green Tara project is more than an ecological project. It is a consciousness raising project. With this, the whole ecology will come together, because there will not be a human being able to harm anything that surrounds us.

With this we just ask our customers to be careful to recycle again what is sent in, or put it in the proper recycling places. Everything that is of natural origin and has no use for you, let it be returned to nature, for she is the wisest to treat it.

Since energy is everything, we also keep that in mind.

All materials on planet Earth accumulate energy, and depending on some, can accumulate about 100%. All the products that come to us come from the heart, but we don’t know what accumulated energy they carry.

What we use the most is really paper, cardboard and some plastic. This type of material accumulates about 20% to 30% of energy, which is drained after leaving the places where they are located. When they come to us they still bring something, in which they are then subjected to Mantras, prayers and smoking (common practices in the Temple) in our Temple. Even before going out for distribution, the orders go through the last smoking.

This of course happens with every product in the store.

With this we eliminate and re-introduce divine energy that ends up still reaching the customers in time. Unfortunately there are exceptions (which we consider to be very good). Some orders end up with problems arriving and with spoilage, which we always assume from the start. Not always the whole process from the warehouse to the final customer, is well accepted by the many human energies it goes through. Still the healing is still on the way, and a next one, will surely be much better, because there is an energetic synchronization. No one is better or worse, it is just an energetic attunement, which we proposed from the beginning with the Templo de Buda store. On this side our job is to keep God on our lips, in our mind and in our heart so that we can handle all the orders and requests for help that come to us.

With this we just want to share, that the Templo de Buda is committed to the evolution of consciousness and to the whole ecological process that we have long been asked to begin.

If you have 1 minute, after receiving your request, please chant this Mantra OM Tare Tuttare Soha in gratitude for another opportunity to have received your request and to be able to continue with your evolution process.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

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