Cedar Torch 10 cm

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Cedar Torch 10 cm

Cedar torches have been used for many spiritual and practical purposes for thousands of years. In addition to its spiritual and symbolic significance, its immense strength, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and insect-repellent properties make it an unrivaled building material for long-lasting structures such as houses. So this torch also works on your inner house and your self-esteem, ability to make decisions and get ahead.

For many native peoples of North America, the Cedar is still one of the most important trees in the forest. For many Salish tribes, the Cedar was a solid foundation for their very existence on many different levels. It was used in ceremonial house building, in art and totems carving, mask making, in clothing, basketry, boat building, for sacred and ceremonial objects, and much more. Cedarwood torch smoke was employed by many Native American tribes in prayers, ceremonies, and rituals for spiritual and practical purposes. Today, the use of cedar as incense can still be found in many traditional native ceremonies.

Among the Navajo, Lakota, and other peoples of North America, Cedar is considered one of the most sacred ceremonial herbs. Many natives refer to it as “Evergreen Life”, and use it as an offering to the Spirit World, to amplify prayer, bless and consecrate, and as an aid in visions. It is also used to help the body and mind in times of anxiety and spiritual stress. In another traditional sense, the Cedar or Cedar is used as a spiritual guide, helping a person to find purpose in life and helping someone to stay on their sacred path.

In the Tibetan and Nepali incense crafts, Himalayan Cedar is one of the oldest incenses used and represents spiritual dedication and constant faith. It is highly valued in Tibet for aiding meditation and for its reputation for directing lost individuals back to their correct path. If you only visualize in your mind the deep image of a strong, deeply rooted cedar tree that stands above, firm, resistant to the influences of wind, rain, storms and the elements, we could begin to understand the grounding energies that arise when invoking the spirit of Cedar through the burning of its torches. Spiritual dedication, focus, presence, mental clarity, and stillness of thoughts are also achieved with the help of the Cedar torch in many ancient Eastern traditions of meditation and spirituality.

Cedarwood is often used as incense to strengthen personal strength and stability in times of challenge or struggle. It is said to help transform difficult situations into experiences where wisdom and willpower can be cultivated.

In Folk Herbalism, Cedar has been used for its powerful rooting energy. In many esoteric traditions, it is known to help a person become more resilient in the face of life’s personal challenges. Its predominant Saturn qualities can help the person to become more deeply rooted in their personal path, helping to cultivate strength and spiritual foundation. For many, working with Cedar on a spiritual level helped build confidence and courage. In a psycho-spiritual sense, Cedar has been used to help people overcome anxieties, doubts, and insecurities by strengthening roots and fueling the fire of inner confidence.

Cedar is a very deep teacher. Its “sharp” and energizing aroma and smoke, its deep roots and tall, expansive branches, its deep green beauty, and its firm trunk are all reminders of Cedar’s many virtues. Its blessings of spiritual and emotional strength, anchoring, centering, its deepening presence, and its majestic vastness await those who wish to invoke the magic and medicine of Cedar, the Evergreen Tree of Life.

Because they are natural torches and unique in their shape and essence, they may present small differences in the photo

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  1. Pedro Alexandre (verified owner)

    Adoro, muito bom para defumar o exterior da nossa casa. Qualidade TOP. Envio foi rápido e adorei a qualidade dos produtos! O cedro é muito bom para fortalecer a nossa força pessoal e a nossa estabilidade em tempos mais dificeis. Se comprarem não se vão arrepender! Bons produtos nesta loja.

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