Rosemary Torch 10 cm

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Burning a torch of Rosemary (also often called Rosemary), will help to balance the mood and to treat the memory and mind. Its strong, penetrating aroma purifies environments, but also helps in the treatment of problems such as depression, migraine, chronic pain, and respiratory diseases. It can work on and further cleanse chakras associated with rosemary, in this case heart chakra, solar plexus chakra, and third eye chakra.

The aroma of rosemary, called the oil of transformation and true justice, is beneficial for apathetic and passive people who need impetus to move forward with their goals and courage not to give up on their ideals and goals.

Use rosemary for cleansing, consecration, peace of mind, liberation, and all kinds of psychic, spiritual, and even physical purification.

Rosemary grass has been found to have antiseptic qualities. It has been burned for centuries in sick chambers, hospitals, churches, courthouses, and other public places to purify the air.

When you burn a Rosemary torch, you will be cleansing your whole mind of negative thoughts and especially of astral “larvae” that settle in our mental body, thus making us always saturated with useless thoughts for the evolutionary process of the soul.

Burn a rosemary torch to aid in healing and to cleanse a house where there has been a long illness to expel the negativity associated with the illness. It can also be burned with sage for an area where you often perform therapies and rituals or drive negativity away from any space, object or person.

The Abalone shell can also serve as a base for torch burning. When you combine the cleansing properties with other healing tools with Rosemary, it becomes strong enough to neutralize negative or low vibration energy that can seep in from the outside.

By using the Abalone and Rosemary shell for a cleansing practice, there is a connection between you and mother nature, to the highest vibrations of the planet.

Because they are natural torches and unique in their shape and essence, they may present small differences in the photo


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