Selenite Pyramid 5 cm

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Selenite Pyramid. Approximate height 5cm

You can read more about Selenite here

The pyramids and crystals

For centuries and even today, the Egyptian pyramids draw attention in a grand way. Did you know that pyramids were found with food from islanders for years? This is because pyramids have a unique ability to preserve energy. None of those structures were left to chance in their construction. Now imagine the powers of the crystal pyramids that secretly store energy, just like pyramids.

A crystal pyramid at home can elevate your spiritual energy and that of space.

Uses of Crystal Pyramids

Called pyramidology, the powers of the pyramids are in the ability to charge energy and preserve it for centuries until it is used again.

Built in the sacred form that is revered by history and science, the pyramids of precious stones are polished pyramid-shaped crystals that generate or amplify energy. They are built to store and charge energy.

Depending on the construction, the pyramids have a way of retaining the positive energy load for several days. Certain electromagnetic waves are concentrated and condensed by the very configuration of the pyramid. There is no scientific explanation for understanding the power of the pyramids. It is only known, that every pyramidal form has several energy centers, called chakras, very similar to those of the human body. In this way, the top of the pyramid concentrates more energy, while the base accumulates a more calm and rhythmic type of energy.

A crystal pyramid works through its apex or zenith point to transmit energy and intentions to the heart of the universe! Depending on the crystal or the engraved symbols, it will emit this vibration into the Universe.

In addition to clearing the mind and restoring energy, pyramids can be used to clear space around your energy as well as your energy using feng shui methods. This method encourages to keep pyramids detached by the house according to the Therapist.

In general, it is good to place at least three pyramids in a space to amplify the creative or healing energy in that space accentuating with the crystal for this purpose.

There are several pieces and all of them vary in color, dimension and texture because they are natural and unique crystals in their essence

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