Incense Holder 8 Auspicious Signs Metal

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Incense holder, richly decorated with the 8 auspicious Buddhist symbols. Supports 5 sticks of incense.

The 8 auspicious symbols
The vase symbolizes the richness of Buddhist doctrine (the Dharma), longevity, and prosperity.

The lotus symbolizes the transformation in the spiritual path. Just as a lotus emerges from the mud and turns into a beautiful flower, so too does our human “mud” transform into beautiful qualities of love, compassion and wisdom.

The victory flag symbolizes complete victory over the negative/destructive forces within ourselves.

The parasol symbolizes the protection that the Dharma offers to all living beings, protecting them from negative forces, diseases, obstacles, accidents, etc.

The Wheel of Dharma symbolizes buddha’s teachings and its propagation.

The fish symbolizes the fact that people who practice Dharma don’t have to be afraid of drowning in the ocean of suffering because they can go with the flow through proper vision and action.

The knot of infinity symbolizes the interdependence of all phenomena, an aspect of Buddha’s wisdom.

The shell symbolizes the healing sound of the Dharma, which dispels the suffering of living beings.

Made in India

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Additional information

Weight 95 g
Dimensions 12 × 12 cm

Golden, Silver


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