Aboriginal Walkabout Oracle Cards by Mathew Tyler&Kate Osborne in English

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Aboriginal Walkabout Oracle Cards by Mathew Tyler&Kate Osborne in English is an oracle of 48 cardsinspired in the Aboriginal rite of passage known as walkabout. These oracle cards offer guidance and discernment as you journey your own spiritual journey and all of them are earthy to remind you that walking is spiritual is very earthly, reminded us to root with every reading we do.

This deck is a powerful resource for those who desire greater wisdom in their life. With compelling art based on Aboriginal motifs, he’s a lovely companion to elevate his vibe when he needs inspiration and validation. They are cards based on impressive original artwork, full of the wisdom and wonder of earth medicine, with key words in focus.

Have you ever felt like you’re getting lost in your way in life? Be guided by those who have lived and lived in harmony with our incredible planet for millennia. This unique collection of ancient wisdoms, interpreted for the modern era, groups the power of the earth, the people, its tools and mythology into a unique and impressive resource of inspiration, creation and comfort in these very difficult times of our creation. The Aboriginal Walkabout Oracle has impressive cards that speak to all who appreciate Mother Nature through the teachings of one of our most important collective ancestors – the Aboriginal peoples of Australia. From the co-author of Relatives of the Dark Goddesses and Witches Familiars Oracle Kate Osborne presents Australian spiritual confidant Mathew Tyler, with beautiful works of art by beloved and respected animal artist and mythology artist Morgan Fitzsimons, this is a deck to attract beginners, nature lovers and followers of earth-centered teachings everywhere.

Contains 48 cards, this oracle is easy to use and is suitable for both beginners and those who have more experience with divination cards. It also contains pocket book (English) of 105 pages of the same size as cards. Both are contained inside a solid colored cardboard box. The cards are coated in golden. A detailed guide on how to use information with powerful invocations, detailed reading, and insightful revelations on the subject of each card, whether in a sacred place, a tool, or an environment.

Language : English

Dimensions of cards: 9cm x 14.5cm
Author: Mathew Tyler&Kate Osborne

Designed by Morgan Fitzsimons

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