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This Palo Santo Water belongs to the Murray & Lanman energy protection line and contains 221 ml. This line also includes Florida Peruvian Water, Florida American Water, Kananga Water, Florida Water Soap, and Pack of Soap+Florida Water.

The woody fragrance of the Pau Santo or Palo Santo tree is now available as a cologne made in Peru. Palo Santo is a natural aromatic tree native to South America. The name translates in English as “Holy Wood”, “Saint Wood” or “Sacred Tree”.

Pau Santo has been used for millennia by Shamans/Curandeiros and native peoples of Peru for energy purification and protection in sacred ceremonies (Ayahuasca, Iboga, San Pedro Cactus, Peyote…). As you travel through the mountains of the Andes today, you will still find Shamans, Curanderos, and healers who use Palo Santo as part of their ceremonies and healing rituals. Today Pau Santo is also used for meditation, yoga practice, relaxation, and just feeling good.

Palo Santo has also caught the attention of Western scientific researchers for its chemical properties which include limonene and monterpenes that continue to be studied for their anti-cancer effects.

It is truly amazing that Pau Santo can at once, through its healing aroma and sacred smoke, provide energetic protection, remove negative and sabotaging energy, lift the spirit and bring good luck, as well as repel mosquitoes and treat a headache. It is yet another wonder of Mother Nature.

Palo Santo connects us with human love, increasing the capacity to give by activating forgiveness. It relieves nervous tension, anger, and fear. It eliminates domestic conflicts that do not harmonize the family’s energy. Aphrodisiac for its earthy, enigmatic quality. It helps to improve love relationships, especially in more mature people of conscience.

This is a cologne from the C’est si Bon series by Lanman and Kemp, The creators of the original Florida Water.

You can also put it in a spray bottle to clean and raise the vibration of the environment at home, work, etc.

You can read more about Pau santo here

About Lanman Peru

The company was founded in 1808 by Robert L. Murray in New York. In 1835, Robert L Murray joined DT Lanman and the business was conducted under the company name Murray & Lanman. In 1835, the name of the company was changed to David T. Lanman and company, and in 1861 to Lanman & Kemp. All its products are dedicated to energetic protection and upliftment of the spirit.

This product is Flammable due to containing alcohol

Please be aware that Holywood Water can be sensitive to the skin.
Skin test before use. If in doubt, do not use directly on the skin. It is not advisable to ingest in any way. Light-sensitive tissues may be affected if directly sprayed.

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221 ml


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