Kit Florida Americana Soap and Water 118 ml

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The Agua Florida Kit is composed of a 95 gr soap and a 118 ml bottle of American Agua Florida, both are indicated for energetic cleansing, and can be used simultaneously.

Murray & Lanman’s original Florida Water cologne, with its refreshing citrus scent, is used for cleansing the energetic body. The beautiful label of the Florida Water Soap depicts pot-pourri of flowers, birds, minstrels and the legendary Fountain of Youth found in Florida (in the United States of America) and reflects the light, delicious scent inside.

Florida Water soap is perfect for a bath before cleansing ritual, daily use, or after a hard or stressful day to cleanse our aura! It removes unwanted thought forms and heavy vibrations, to encourage the display of emotions, suppress “gossip,” and calm places where an excess of energy is present. It provides a wonderful protective sphere around you. It is also a wonderful blend of prosperity and luck – use it every morning to start your day off right!

The soap is great to keep in any bathroom or shower because of its uplifting and pleasant scent. Florida Water soap is a perfect one to keep in bathrooms to freshen and purify the air.

This is a vegan, 100% natural soap with organic, raw, African shea butter.

You can use it daily for spiritual cleansing and to relax your nerves (most will be accumulation of negative energy) as it promotes a healthier body, mind and soul!

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