Green Amethyst (Prasiolita) Rolled South Africa 2-3cm

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Prasiolita, also known as Green Amethyst, is a form of Amethyst originated by heat. Because it is closely related to both Amethyst and Citrus, it acts as a bridge between the chaKra of the solar plexus (will’s place), the chaKra of the heart, and the chaKras of the third eye and the crown. This makes it ideal for aligning the body, mind and spirit into an integrated whole.

If you are dedicated to entering a spiritual life, you may have discovered that you are much more capable of being loving in a theoretical way while on the meditation pad than acting lovingly when someone annoys you in traffic. Prasiolita can help connect this disconnect and translate your spiritual growth into peace and connection in real life by activating the heart as the leader of your thoughts and actions


Prasiolita also facilitates a stronger connection to nature. If you want to be an advocate of the environment, but prefer to drive with wisdom and heart rather than pure “warrior energy”, prasiolita is an ideal ally.

Ultimately, Prasiolita helps to awaken the heart to the place that is due to it as the center of its human experience and allows its “vision of the heart”: to be able to see through human failures the perfection of the Spirit within each person. This is the deep compassion of the wise.

Prasiolita (better known as Green Amethyst) is a pale green form of quartz. There is a small amount of natural Prasiolite, but almost all of the Prasiolita on the market is artificially produced through the heat-treated Violet Amethyst. Amethyst is usually yellow or orange, producing Citrus fruits, but with the addition of radiation, it turns green. Also crystals are subject to the natural heat of the sun, but due to taking thousands of years to stay in this form, this “human” way of speeding up the process has been found.

Purple Amethyst crystals can be naturally transformed into green Amethyst by the heat inside the earth. Nowadays a similar process is done artificially, heating the stone in ovens

This transformation can occur through the process of natural heat within the earth, possibly from volcanic activity. Fortunately it is now easier to buy pieces of green amethyst stone.

By soaking in fire, it changes to a new stone. This is an analogy to its role when we use it for spiritual growth. We too transform ourselves by entering the spiritual path.

Like all quartzs, these are wonderful healing crystals to use in combination with other stones. The energy of other stones will be amplified by contact with this green quartz crystal.

The meaning of the name Prasiolita comes from two Greek words, “prason” meaning “leek”, since it was thought that its color resembled that plant and “lithos” of the Greek word meaning “stones”.

The strengthening of its relationship with the Divine mind is a natural consequence of the use of this crystal. Prasiolita’s special gift is to bring your focus to a truly heart-based perspective.

The result will be that you will truly experience the strong, loving and harmonious energies that will flow into your life.

Like Violet Amethyst,it can stimulate the growth of so-called psychic abilities.

Your energy can help you learn to be psychic as it stimulates a deeper connection with the higher spiritual aspects of your life.

The use of any variety of Amethyst will have a positive impact on your spirituality and health. This green stone is a variety of Amethyst and so carries many of the qualities of Amethyst.

Prasiolita will help you express your personal emotion, and will connect the energy of the heart with the crown chakra.

Weight Approx: 18 to 23 Gr each unit

There are several pieces and all of them vary in color, size and texture because they are natural crystals and unique in their essence

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