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The tips of Aqua Aura Quartz Blue are of a beautiful bright blue color, but this color is not natural, but still these beautiful stones have a very high and quite intense energy, which activates all chakras.

Its color is the result of a specific treatment process, where crystals are heated, and fine vaporized gold is bonded to the surface of the stone.

Although this is created by a completely anti-natural process that permanently alters these crystals, the same process actually has a positive effect on the crystal.

These quartz crystals have very powerful metaphysical properties, and this is partly due to the fact that they are White Quartz crystals. But it also refers to the thin gold layer that covers the crystal.

These crystals resonate strongly with a vibration that is powerful to aid communication and psychic gifts.

They have an excellent healing energy in the body, to cleanse and heal your auric field.

Once the Aqua Aura Blue Quartz crystals have calmed your emotional body and healed any holes in the auric field, they will then activate your chakras.

They are strong healing crystals and are powerful to be used in healing to intensify the vibration of other crystals you want to use,

These crystals attract wealth and success, and are strong stones to aid in their spiritual growth.

Because they are made from White quartz, they can be found in a number of different quartz settings, and you can discover some interesting quartz formations in these stones.

Aqua Aura Quartz Blue are strong crystals to use as protection against psychic attacks and prevent any negative effect of any kind of energy with which you can connect.

Its high vibration is related to the alchemical method used to attach gold to quartz.

They are very useful for meditating for various reasons. As mentioned above, they will heal any problem areas in your auric field and clear you of any negativity.

They have a strong action to create calm and using this healing energy is one of the most powerful methods to relieve stress.

This energy will resonate within all the upper chakras to help connect with your spirit and understand your communication with you more clearly.

By stimulating the area of the third eye Ajna and the chakra of the throat Vissudha, this crystal can help you develop gifts of psychic communication.

The third eye is closely related to the development of a range of psychic gifts, and its energy in this area can also stimulate the gift of psychic hearing, also known as clariaudience.

These unusual bright blue quartz crystals are also strong stones to help you develop automatic and writing plumbing capability.

There are several pieces and all of them vary in color, size and texture because they are natural crystals and unique in their essence

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