Arabic Bright Resin Blend

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Arabic Bright resin is a mixture of vitrified gum grains, bathed in scented and pigmented oils in blue, green, red, yellow, and transparent colors, all approved by the European Union.

It also has pieces of lavender and marigold flowers and gum extracted from eucalyptus, being the Olibanum(Boswellia Papyrifera) of African origin and the Benzoin(Styrax Benjoin) of Asian origin.

Marigold is associated with the sacral chakra (second chakra) and has long been used because of its association with the emotions of protection, purification, forgiveness, prophetic dreams, and psychic powers. It is an herb that helps rebuild our energy, our auric field, astral field, and our magnetic field. The power of marigold is connected with the sun, energy, and vitality. With its energizing and purifying action, marigold is considered the herb of forgiveness.

Lavender is a perfect plant for restoring harmony and balance. This tool is quite ancient and holds its power of intention and communication with herbs, allows you to connect with the earth, the universe and its power of renewal, restoring harmony in your home, body and soul. Lavender provides a powerful energetic cleansing in a physical space, which can be a farm, a home, a work environment, or business in general. It provides the space with a release of existing negative charges, because of its strong filling, which makes it a powerful discharger.

Olibanum attracts positive energy and is an environment cleaner. Also known as FrankIncense, it works on breathing, relaxation, and harmonization. It was considered to be used to appease the Gods. It helps to repel negative energies and regain confidence. It is related to purification and mental clarity, this is one of the oldest perfumes used by man. Its sweet and warm fragrance is comforting to the soul. Frank Incense means “real incense”. It has a calming effect on the mind.

And Benzoin is the natural elemental that is related to the rays of the sun and to Archangel Michael. Benzoin is widely used for energetic purification of the astral field and the mental field, and is mainly known as being of great help when it comes to professional issues, prosperity, and abundance.

How to use the Resin Blend

Light a charcoal and place some of the powder on the ember, where its fragrance will be released into the air for several minutes. The purpose of the charcoal is to allow the copal resin to be burned continuously and safely at the same rate. The Incense Powder Blend is an incense that can be used in rituals and/or for meditative purposes. The incense burning ritual is a very rich and vividly sensory experience, this incense must be burned in clay incense holderThe burners or any other material that does not suffer alterations with the heat caused by the high temperature of the liturgical coalwhich should be used for the burning of this type of incense. After lighting the charcoal on a fireproof surface, let it burn until it begins to turn white.

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