Goloka Aromatic Candle Can

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These scented candles from Goloka will bring a magnificent aroma to your environment.

Candles made with intense fragrances will provide you with good times as they burn for up to 6 hours.

What is a scented candle used for
Made with essential oils, paraffin, and other oils, aromatic candles are widely used to decorate environments, but their purpose goes beyond decoration, it is to release aromas when burned, which bring benefits to the health of the physical, mental, and spiritual body.

Why light a candle
The fire element of the candle represents the energy that transforms and invigorates all matter in the universe. When we light a candle, we are activating a strong and powerful energy that connects us to the spiritual plane, warming and stimulating our soul, thus sending our intentions, requests, and prayers to the universe or the divine being we propose to connect with when we light the candle.

Goloka introduces us to Vanilla, Sandalwood, Jasmine,Rosemary, Seven Chakra, Nature’s Nest, Citronella, and The Buddha scented candles.

Vanilla soothes and acts as a balm to the troubled soul. In addition, it increases creativity as well as comprehension skills. It is a fragrance that was developed to help create a feeling of relaxation and peace. It induces a calm and meditative state, cozy, warm and inviting. Perfumes the environment in order to provide relaxation, being indicated for heavy and tense environments.

Sandalwood relaxes your mind and body, creating an atmosphere of calm. It is used when seeking inner peace, balance, in moments of reflection, for people with stress and a busy lifestyle. It dissolves tension and is an invitation to let your imagination flow on a wonderful, rejuvenating journey. It helps you achieve a deeper spiritual connection through your meditative work. Sandalwood is a sacred wood that has many spiritual uses and is a magical addition to your intentions. Aligned with the direction of the South and element of Fire as well as Earth, Sandalwood is peaceful, healing, earthy, and protective.

Jasmine is considered one of the most powerful flowers used in the spiritual world and has calming properties, aids in relaxation, and is useful in cases of insomnia. Its magical power encourages mediumistic dreams, which will attract prosperity. Meditating under the influence of the scent of Jasmine helps alter consciousness. It can be used to ward off sadness in love or to evoke angelic powers or as an offering to fairies. Jasmine is a symbol of kindness and is used for love and protection. Its amazing aroma is calming and helps lift your spirits. The sensual scent of the Jasmine flower is highly recognizable.

The aroma of Rosemary (also often called Rosemary), will help in balancing the mood and treating the memory and mind. Its strong, penetrating aroma purifies environments, but also helps in the treatment of problems such as depression, migraine, chronic pain, and respiratory diseases. It can work on and further cleanse chakras associated with rosemary, in this case heart chakra, solar plexus chakra, and third eye chakra.

Seven Chakra is Goloka’s own aroma to activate the seven chakras: Sahasrara, Ajna, Vishuddha, Anahata, Manipura, Swadhisthana, and Muladhara. Thus assisting the proper functioning of each.

The Buddha aroma helps in meditations and states of full concentration, where one seeks to reach the timeless body called Buddha Body, which is connected to the past and experiences to be dealt with, because all the events connected to the being are stored there. For it is in this auric body that the order to permanently recycle these bad experiences is given, so that they can then be re-signified.


The candles are 70gr

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Jasmine, Rosemary, The Buddha, Seven Chakra, Sandalo, Vanilla, Nature's Nest, Citronella


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