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Boji Stones is a name given to the concrete stones found in Western Kansas. These stones have strong metaphysical properties of grounding and healing.

They can be used as a mandala in the body to cleanse the chakras and balance the male and female energy. They are sold in pairs, usually composed of a male Boji stone and a female stone.

The softest and smoothest stones carry the feminine energy, and the stones with small nodules or protrusions are the male stones.

They come in pairs, a male and a female stone. These Boji stones carry a useful level of healing energy, and are known to be highly protective.

They are excellent for curing emotional problems, and are powerful for clearing hypnotic commands that may have been deployed at an earlier time, even in a past life.

They create a strong connection with the earth, and help discharge excess energy from the base or root chakra to the earth’s star chakra.

Boji stones carry spiritual base energy, and their energy is extremely useful if we have been doing spiritual development work.

If you have any of the well-known symptoms of not being rooted, using some Boji Stone may benefit you. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should pay attention to:

-If you feel dizzy or feel kind of “moony”, especially after meditation, if you forget appointments or other important things or if you lose things.

-Other symptoms of being rootless are: feeling generally bad, “bumping into” things or having other general feelings of clumsiness.

-Fall asleep during meditation, daydreaming or sensitive to light and noise.

-Having meaningless out-of-body experiences and feeling that they are not within your control, or being unable to continue a normal conversation, including losing track of what you were saying.

Boji Stones have an obvious electromagnetic energy, and it is said that each Boji Stone has a negative side and a positive side.

These stones come in pairs, and it is better to use a male and a female stone together. You can use two males or two female stones together if you want. It is said that these two stones promote yang and yin energy.

These stones are ovoid or spherical in shape, although there are also some that have a rather irregular shape.

The mineralogical composition of a Boji Stone is a mixture of minerals.

It contains a large amount of Iron Pyrite and sometimes also contains palladium in some stones. The inclusion of Pyrite in these stones is what gives them a sparkling look.

This is more visible in the male stone, and one can also see, to some extent, in the feminine.

It is believed that they work best if you hold the female Boji stone in your right hand and the male stone in your left hand to begin with, but feel what seems most right to you, because sometimes we have these energies so misaligned, to the point where they can switch places in extreme cases.

To use a Boji Stone in a body layout, simply place one stone above the head and one stone below the feet.

When you know which stone you feel best in which hand, lie down and place the stone in your left hand above your head, and place the other stone under your feet.

The stone above your head will create a bond in the soul star chakra and bring high vibration energy down in the body.

She will then take her down through the base chakra and land her through the earth’s chakra to Mother Gaia. Relax and meditate if you can and allow healing energy to work.

You may also find that the energy of boji stones also stimulates the telepathic abilities we have from birth, among you and others with whom you have a close relationship.

These stones are also useful if you feel that you are constantly moving from one energetic extreme to another.

For example, imagine a teacher who spends hours in a library reading, and then has to rush to mediate a seminar class with dozens of students, and then returns to his office to sort out a stack of papers.

This teacher can then go to a dinner with academics from all over the world to work in networking and discuss their topic. Too tiring and with multiple power limits!

This type of activity is difficult because it requires the brain to change from one extreme “mode” to another – in other words, this hypothetical teacher has to move from almost total use of Yin energy to doing her job, to almost total use of Yang energy, and then coming back again!

The beauty of Boji stones is that they can help both energies become stronger and facilitate the transition between one or the other.

If this teacher had a pair of Boji stones, she could take the female with him to the library and to read, and then trade her for the male during her class and her dinner.

Even if your life doesn’t have these extreme swings from one to the other in such rapid succession, if your career involves individual, creative and social work, networking, then Boji’s stones can be useful to you.

If you want to take your Boji stones with you, you’d be better off in a pocket or a separate purse.

Any of these will prevent the energy of Boji’s stones from being lost. Large stones are also suitable to be stored in spaces that are usually designated for your energy.

For example, you may want to keep your feminine stone in your office, and your male stone in your car, if you often do introspective work from your office and then drive around for more interpersonal events.

You can also use Boji stones as focal points for meditation. If you feel the need to increase some energy to prepare for a great activity or event.

There are several pieces and all of them vary in color, size and texture because they are natural crystals and unique in their essence

Size varies between 3 and 4 cm

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