Super Seven Chips Bracelet

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Emotional Detoxification • Spiritual Growth • Cleansing Chakras

Elastic bracelet of Super Seven with 18cm length.

The Super Seven or Super Seven is a recently discovered crystal (with some rarity to find) but with immense power due to being composed of seven crystals (sometimes up to 8 – some have Citrine as well). It contains important powers capable of offering considerable psychic and spiritual transformations.

Amethyst with the main function of energetic renewal and the stimulation of spiritual growth

White Quartz
Great for channeling healing energy and are great light accumulators

Smoky or Smoky Quartz
totally telluric energy, that is, through this energy it is able to offer a deep energetic cleansing

Rutilated Quartz
Deeply powerful in the human psyche, this crystal enhances the multidimensional states of the individual who uses it. Many people report that after using this crystal, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and astral projections are frequent. Thus, using this stone can also increase your intuition

Goethite a true energetic cleanser, able to deconstruct various beliefs and negative energetic patterns

Lepidocrocite with a reddish color and has as its main function the permission and protection of the spirit in the physical world

Cacoxenite very strong in the energetic cleansing process. Yellow-brown in color, this crystal contributes to the increase of intelligence of those who carry it

These, on the other hand, have the ability to take their journey to the next level by opening their vision to new perspectives and giving them the opportunity to create new ideas. Through the purification process, the super seven crystals will align you and bring harmony to your mental, physical and spiritual spaces.

These are all crystals well known for cleansing and transmuting negative energy

The use of a Super Sevencrystal allows you to have access to its full potential. It elevates the entire spiritual body, so that you can transcend even the darkest moments and overcome them. This healing stone is ideal for connecting to a solid and positive energy when you feel that the chaos of society is destabilizing your energy. The stability that this crystal brings both soothes and illuminates. The Super Seven provides a new perspective, which often results in hope for the future.

They have affinity with all signs.

By using this stone to deepen your spiritual journey, you will experience a resurgence in your enthusiasm for life. With this enhanced energy, all your best qualities and skills will improve. .

The Super Seven can be used to strengthen the bonds of your relationships and your connection to humanity in general. As an intensifier of all kinds, the Super Seven crystal should be used to guide and inspire the creative life force. For those who feel lost and in search of their purpose and mission of life, use and abuse this crystal to discover its super power!

There are several pieces and all of them vary in color, dimension and texture because they are natural and unique crystals in their essence

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