Aqua Aura Angel 6 mm bracelet

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Aqua Aura Angel bracelet with 6mm beads

The aqua aura crystal is an artificially created crystal, but this does not mean that it is less powerful than a natural crystal.

It is the alchemical junction of gold and pure quartz, so it has a very intense energy that frees us from our limitations and makes room for the new.

It is a crystal that calms the aura, cleanses the energy field by purifying it, and eliminates stress. By working well with the laryngeal chakra, it stimulates effective and clear communication, whether it comes from the heart or from reason. It brings protection against psychic and spiritual attacks, because it creates a peaceful atmosphere around us. The third eye is stimulated as well, and stimulates our self-expression to release blockages associated with affection.

Crystals give us protection, by creating a kind of shield around us, and ease the challenges that life throws at us. They are therapeutic and help in the resolution of internal conflicts.

The bracelets thus assume a kind of talismanic function, whose effect is reflected in the energy balance of the body.

The benefits of crystaltherapy began to be explored by ancient civilizations in order to find a cure for health problems. Centuries later, natural crystals continue to be used in order to convey emotional and physical balance.

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Weight 15 g
Dimensions 16 × 6 cm


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