Raw Blue Cyanite 100 gr to 200 gr

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Spirituality – Self expression – Honesty

The Medium Raw Blue Cyanite heals and connects with the Vissudha throat chakra which is the voice of the body. It is, in essence, a pressure valve that allows the energy of the other chakras to be expressed, and blue cyanite is one of the most powerful crystals for working with this chakra. It is especially beneficial for people who have undergone some surgery in this region of the throat or have suffered some physical damage. If any damage has occurred near the throat chakra region, Blue Cyanite can help in the healing process.

Blue Cyanite crystals also facilitate open, honest and authentic communication. By clearing the energy blockages that clog your fifth chakra, Blue Cyanite allows a better flow of energy to aid in self-expression and communication. Cianita Azul allows you to be honest with others and with yourself. It encourages him to dive deeper into his truth and learn to speak his truth in all situations. To better support your ability to communicate authentically, Blue Cyanite crystals provide anxiety relief and a dose of peaceful energy to help you express yourself.

Like a high vibration stone, the healing properties of Blue Cianita are linked to spiritual expansion. These crystals elevat your consciousness and strengthen your connection to your truest self. Working with a Blue Cianite crystal connects you to higher states of being and a superior consciousness.

Because it contains the power of the Blue Ray of Archangel Michael, Blue Cyanite is a super spiritual protection stone capable of breaking and blocking all attacks of negative forces.

Like Citrus, Blue Cianita is one of the two minerals on the planet that does not accumulate or retain negative energy and therefore never needs cleaning. The energy of Blue Cianita is unlimited in application, making it an excellent stone for metaphysical purposes, and can be used for cleaning and cleaning other crystals.

In your workplace, Medium Raw Blue Cyanite promotes good communication, bridging the gap between different beliefs and ideas, and encourages self-expression and speaks a person’s truth. Hold or use a Blue Cianita when addressing a group or leading a seminar or team meeting. It increases communication capability and is particularly useful for answering questions or when it is necessary to improvise.

For children who have difficulty integrating with others, or are physically different in some way, keep the Blue Cianita bars close to their outdoor or school clothes to help increase their popularity.

Healing with Blue Cianita

For those who have lost their way in life, or are trying to break a cycle of self-destructive behaviors, use Blue Cyanite in an empowerment grid to get back on track. Place lines of Blue Cyanite bars radiating from a central Cyanite in six different directions. Use each night to walk a different path in the mind, letting images and ideas take shape spontaneously. Continue until you no longer need the grid. Put it near your head and throat.

There are several pieces and all of them vary in color, dimension and texture because they are natural and unique crystals in their essence

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