Cintamani (Saffordite) 1 Gr

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Adquira este produto e obtenha 15-25 Pontos - no valor de 0.75-1.25 ao criar conta em Templo de Buda


This wonderful Cintamani (Saffordite) measures approx 1.5 cm.

It has a weight of 1 Gr.

Cintamani at Spiritual Level

Cintamani is a sacred stone, originating on the planet Sirius. During a galactic wave that occurred, a planet that was near Sirius A, exploded. The fragments spread to various places throughout the intergalactic system and some of them, after a long journey, ended up on Earth.

Cintamani is a living stone, not just a piece of dead matter. It has very high vibration and is currently one of the most vibrating stones on planet Earth. In practical terms, Cintamani when used will greatly accelerate your growth and purification process. It might not be very enjoyable after a few days of using the Cintamani, as many blockages started to surface more sharply. Deep sadness may take hold of you for a while. It is then important to take breaks from their use and drink plenty of water to help eliminate these same blockages. It is a fast way to evolve but you should give your body time to get used to so much light so suddenly.

Whoever has Sirius as their planet of Origin, can feel a very great affinity with this stone. In these cases, the acceleration may be higher due to resonance and soul recognition.

About Cintamani ( Saffordite)

Saffordites (widely known as Cintamani stones) are an original natural stone found in the Eastern Arizona desert that is strikingly similar to Tektites and Impaquetites such as Colombianite, Georgiaite, Moldavite, Darwin Tekite, Lybian Gold Tektite, Indochinite, Australite, and others.

All Cintamani stones in the store were picked directly from the Arizona desert.Prices vary according to clarity, surface texture and weight. They will be delivered exactly as nature has provided them and as they are meant to be.
Outdoors, Cintamani or Saffordites are typically black but when placed in front of a light source, Saffordite often appears either partially or fully translucent. Some stones have bands, stripes, or small debris inside, which are only visible when illuminated. Also, the color of the light passing through each stone may vary slightly. Some colors in Cintamani when placed in a spotlight, range from a light violet/ lavender to lighter gray or very dark gray, also smoky brown to oxidized orange brown.

Saffordites are a type of natural “glass” stone, and as such are susceptible to breaking if dropped or hit by a hard object. Please treat them with respect and gently.
These are very rare stones, it is very common to hear that they are rarer than gold or diamonds, and it is probably true. They only appear or are in a small area of the world, and are still hard to find in that area. Each one is unique.

A little History of Cintamani (Saffordite)

There is controversy in scientific circles as to the origin of Saffordite, whether it comes from outer space, or whether it is natural stone (from Earth). Today it is partially confirmed that it emanates from the earth, but the low electromagnetism within the Stone remains uncertain. It is a 30 million year old Energy Stone, found only in the Arizona desert in the United States of America.
In a comprehensive comparative study, carried out in cooperation with the University of Ljubljana and the Natural History Museum between the various types of Tekitos, we came to the conclusion that these are most likely the tears of Mother Earth. It is a very special and unique stone and you will not find a similar stone anywhere else in the world.
The Stone has a long history and a great surprising impact on the spiritual world. Nicholas Roerich dedicated part of his life to Cintamani (which is called the Stone of Peace). A large Cintamani was given to him by Tibetan monks during his expedition to Asia. The mission was to bring the Stone to the world leaders (of his circle) as an intention of Peace and Reconciliation between World War I and World War II. His attempt failed, but today we can still see it (in his museum in New York) that part of his paintings testify to his long and difficult expedition in Asia, and how he carried the Stone from continent to continent. In the last century, Roerich was a very strong cultural and political figure. Today, Saffordite is creating an incredibly large impact in the spirit world. It is endowed with a very powerful energy and will play an important role in raising awareness and spreading light throughout our beloved planet.

In case of doubts regarding this product on the Templo de Buda site, you can contact Whatsapp, email or Facebook

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