Liturgical Charcoal Three Kings 40 mm Box

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Liturgical charcoal is used to burn and allow the combustion of herbs, plants and resins especially for smokings and for grain and herbal incense sticks.

This 40mm liturgical charcoal was produced by the most reputable liturgical charcoal factory, René Schönefeld Incense and Charcoal Manufacturing, using only the finest ingredients and employing manufacturing techniques that are over 80 years old. This coal boasts the most famous brand of liturgical coal, Three Kings, ensuring easy, odorless ignition and smooth, long-lasting, even combustion.

It consists of a quickly burning coal that lasts a long time (about 1 hour), which was used to light and maintain church incense sticks, most commonly known as Frankincense or Olibanum.

Liturgical charcoal, or also called charcoal, was named after it because it was more widespread in churches. For centuries, churches and those associated with them used to perform official religious ceremonies or rituals and some diaries, burning their resins and sacred herbs. Also known as a smoker and widely used in the well-known Turíbulos. The clergy class has long discovered that it was important to cleanse their churches and participants so that they would remove any negative entity or thought while mass was held. Thus it would be easier to penetrate the word of Christ.

Over time it has spread to other cultures and even to the present day when it is usually used in smoking of spaces, people, groups or ceremonies.

It is quite used to burn plants, resins, powders, holy stick or palo santo, camphor and even some herbal torches.

How to use liturgical charcoal

To light the charcoal tablet (be careful not to burn) bring it closer to a match, candle or lighter with tweezers or a fork. The coal will be glowing in two minutes. Then just put what you want to smoke on top.

You can place the charcoal on top of something of clay, a shell or an Abaloneshell, metal censer or other utensil that supports a high amount of heat.

With the mixture made, smoke everything necessary to maintain a good vibration.

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Package sold by the unit consisting of one roll with 10 rolls of 10 40mm charcoal disks.

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