Half Polish White Abalone Shell 14-16 cm

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The spiritual benefits of the White Abalone Shell are diverse and include energetic cleansing, connection to the spirit world, and harmonization of mind and body. This shell is used to conduct the fumes of sacred herbs such as Palo Santo and White Sage, and thus cleanse the energy of the environment and the people present.

The White Abalone Shell is also considered a symbol of water and the sea, which are sacred elements in many indigenous cultures. It represents the connection with the vital energy of the planet, and promotes purification and renewal of energies.

By using the White Abalone Shell in spiritual practices, it is possible to obtain a state of inner peace and balance, favoring a connection with spirituality and the realization of deep meditations. For this reason, many people use this shell as an amulet of protection and spiritual balance.

The Abalone Shell provides safe shelter for abalone (saltwater mollusc), so it makes sense that these shells carry the energy of protection, safety and nutrition.

Shielding abalone from waves of negativity, the gentle energy of Abalone shells is filled with peace, beauty, compassion, and love. Native Americans believe that a shell of Abalone is sacred and use it, along with sage,to bring messages to heaven.

Much used as a censer, where it withstands the ashes and medicines to burn, because its hardness is enormous. With this, many Shamans gather water from the shell to the land of herbs and merge heaven and earth in one place.

The Abalone shell although it is used more in smoking with herbal torches and other sacred woods, it can also be used nearby for its wonderful and beautiful energy. It can be used when you need guidance in a relationship. The compassion she lends can cool the heated moods and allow her to better understand difficult situations or divergences.

Known as the Ears of the Sea due to its shape and ocean connection, abalone’s shell reminds us to listen and be kind to those we love.

Let yourself be guided as you immerse yourself in the calming and harmonious energy of abalone. Meditating with the shell of Abalone encourages us to incorporate a more relaxed behavior. Your energy helps absorb positivity, while allowing stress and anxiety to leave you.

For the negativity that dwells in your being, you can use the energy of abalone to cleanse and release feelings that do not serve a positive purpose in your life. These toxic emotions, such as fear and insecurity, can often play a limiting role in your life, preventing you from taking risks or accepting opportunities that might benefit you.

Embracing the energy and meaning of Abalone’s shell helps you embrace. By tapping on the energy of this rainbow shell, you can learn how to break through the shell that your insecurity has created.

You can also use a support to support Abalone, see here

How to Use

You can use the simple Abalone cocha or you can put some sand on the bottom to trim the ashes and stains that might stick to the herbal torches and burning sacred woods. So it will also protect your mother-of-pearl beauty. Take to the spaces, crystals or people who want to smoke.

The light-colored Abalones originate from the Philippines

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