General Aura Reading

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Aura Reading is a therapy that treats you on a spiritual and physical level. In this reading they can come:

Messages from guides or souls who wish to transmit something

Patterns, blocks and potentials that are in the client’s energy

Openness to oneself and to the divine and to self-knowledge

Tuning in to your body and how you can improve

It talks about the relationship of your body to your spirit, how you have been behaving, what needs to change to be in tune and flow in life without any difficulties.

Spiritual contracts or agreements that are important for this phase

Why we have certain people in our lives and what is the reason for them to stay or leave, to understand why we have this person in our life or why we have to live and go through this situation and its purpose

To do a “body scan” we access through the third eye, which allows us to identify which blockages in the chakras and how this happened so that we can move forward and regulate.

Also, one can access past lives help us understand why we have certain gifts/potentials that make us unique or blockages/traumas that keep us from moving on;

Aura reading is a journey around the patient’s spirit, showing them the path to full attunement with the Universe. They just have to listen and ask questions at the end. A recording of the entire reading is made and sent later via e-mail, which changes your life immediately, according to what your consciousness has perceived.

Aura Reading allows you to give them insight into your own soul, so that you can then move on with your life knowing what the future holds. You will get security and guidance from your Higher Self. You will know how to use the power of love, to live a better life, and how to deal with your emotions.

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