Pendulo Peao Golden Metal

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The Golden Metal Pawn Pendulum with its shape and weight is ideal for all kinds of diagnoses on the body and in nature.

You can use the Golden Metal Pawn Pendulum to work on house plans or for general purpose measurements on any chart. Very sensitive, it is excellent for new students who want to start the art of radionics and radiesthesia.

All pendulums can be used for regular radiesthesia and radionics. However, there are some pendulums that are used more in the basics, without big energetic gadgets. Such is the case with this Golden Metal Pawn Pendulum.

The pendulum is 3 cm long and has 20 cm of chain.

About the Pendulum

The pendulum is a spiritual tool with which one can answer questions (of life): a small weight made of natural minerals, woods and others, which react to the vital energy of the human being.

All over the world, pendulums have been used over the centuries for different purposes: by doctors to track where in the body there were infections, to determine the sex of the baby, but also by miners to find out where the valuable minerals were.

Pendulum and radiesthesia is believed to be one of the simplest ways to access Divine Guidance, and can be very accurate, especially if used with precision.

Radiation from your body is a vital part in this process. Each person has a unique energy frequency or radiation in their body. This is expressed and visible through a pendulum.

Pendulums are known tools used in communicating with spirits through a higher Self, spiritual healing, and inner growth. They can also serve as a guide in decision making. Pendulums are easy and quick ways to get answers to different problems and also a way to help you decide with confidence.

One of the most interesting uses of this tool is to find lost objects or people, connecting with spirits or to make decisions. It can also help you decide if a particular crystal or stone is the most ideal for you at that time. If you are working seriously on your psychic gifts and spiritual growth, the pendulum can be of great help to you.

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