Magnetic Hematite Bat

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The Magnetic Hematite stick is used in magnetic therapy or Magneto therapy, which is used all over the world and considered alternative medicine because of its effectiveness on the body’s regulatory organs. There are several alternative treatments and products that use this magnetic Hematite crystal for pain relief, weight loss and even the cure of some diseases. Magnetic therapy knows that our body forms a magnetic field that reacts to magnets and magnetism when we approach them. This is because our body has a certain percentage of iron in the blood and that, together with the ions of cells and the cells themselves, these three components form alone a magnetic field proper to our body. Magnetic fields can be applied in two ways: by solenoid (a magnet that produces a medical magnetic field when connected to electric current) or by contact (crystals or other objects that contain this ability)

In theory, when we approach a magnetic Hematite bat, for example, in an area with pain, oxygenated fresh blood is attracted to the site to help decrease acidity by decreasing and/or curing pain. There are several products for sale that promote benefits related to the use of magnetism: magnetic mattress, magnetic sandals, magnetic insole, magnetic cervical collar, magnetic inductor, magnetic bracelet, water magnetizers, among others. Magnetic Hematite makes magnetic therapy even more effective due to the fact that this stone is directly linked to the circulatory system. After all, one of the characteristics of this crystal is to relieve pain, swelling, and bruising, stimulating the blood system and bringing comfort to its user.

Hematite in its natural form is not magnetic but due to its large depurative capacity that helps the body in the elimination of toxins from the blood, it is subject to a magnetic process so that the effect is further enhanced.

By itself the Hematite crystal has the ability to remove any blockage, whether spiritual or physical, and with magnetism, it becomes faster.

It has been used immensely in the field of slimming because by increasing new blood in circulation, it will give the body more nutrients and oxygen that the blood needs, improving health naturally and of course helping in all fat and mainly stagnant energy. Because not everything is fat, but a mixture of energy and food. Therefore and hears so much “I fatten only with the air”, that deep down it is nothing more than the energies/emotions that hang in the air and that certain people have more tendency to “consume” due to their spiritual nature.

About Magneto Therapy

Magneto therapy is a natural alternative treatment that uses magnets and their magnetic fields to increase the movement of some cells and body substances, such as water, in order to obtain effects such as decreased pain, increased cell regeneration or reduced inflammation, for example.

To do this technique, magnets can be inserted into fabric bands, bracelets, shoes, and other objects so that they are held close to the site to be treated, or the magnetic field can be produced by a small device that is placed close to the skin at the site to be treated.

Magneto therapy is a technique, increasingly used in hospitals and physical rehabilitation clinics, that has proven to be very effective in relieving pain, accelerating the healing processes of fractures and injuries, and defending the body against numerous pathologies.

Who should not use

Although it has several benefits, magnetic Hematite cannot be used in all cases, especially due to all the changes it causes in the body. Thus, it is contraindicated in cases of:

-Cancer in any part of the body;

-Hyperthyroidism or exaggerated functioning of the adrenal glands;

-Severe myasthenia;

-Active hemorrhages;

-Fungal or viral infections

Although crystals are at our service on this planet, we must know about them and know when to use them. The case of magnetic Hematite should not be used in excess, usually every 2 days. As wonderful as it is for protection and unblocking, we have to be aware that it is necessary for the body and the energy itself to have time and space to recover from that very “pulling” of the blockage, You cannot subject your body to a constant “war” of getting healed from things that have been there for years. Knowing how to relax is also a virtue.

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