Himalayan Salt Candle Holder

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Himalayan Salt Candle Holder with capacity for one candle.

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Because they are natural and unique pieces, the candle holders can vary in color from white, pink, and orange.

Approximate size 8 cm

What is Himalayan salt used for and why should you use it?

For thousands of years the Himalayan mountains have been used by the great and enlightened masters to ascend and for their meditative practices. In these mountains, the connection with the Divine becomes cleaner and more fluid. Wisdom spurts.

By heating this candle holder through a candle, it will emit a pink glow.

The salt from the region is believed to be millions of years old, and although it is very similar to table salt, the small amounts of minerals contain a variation of pink, orange to white color.

Himalayan salt, when heated, provides health benefits because they are “natural ionizers,” which means they change the electrical charge of the circulating air.

Ions are compounds that carry a charge because they have an unbalanced number of protons or electrons.

They are produced naturally in the air when changes occur in the atmosphere. For example, waterfalls, waves, storms, natural radioactivity, and heat produce negative air ions that will neutralize the positive ions created by our mental and physical imbalances.

They can also be artificially created by commercially produced air ionizers.

It is suggested that this Himalayan salt candle holder may produce ions by attracting water particles that evaporate as a salt solution when heated by the lamp, forming mainly negative ions.

1. They improve air quality

Himalayan salt usually improves the air quality in your home. More specifically, they are advertised as being beneficial for people with allergies, asthma, or diseases that affect respiratory function, such as cystic fibrosis.

2. They can boost your mood

Some animal studies have shown that exposure to high levels of negative ions in the air can improve levels of serotonin, a chemical involved in mood regulation

3. They can help you sleep

The heated Himalayan salt affects the air environment. It is possible that using the dim light from a Himalayan candle holder can help promote drowsiness by the end of the day, if you use it to replace bright electric lights.

This is because bright light before bedtime can delay the production of the sleep hormone melatonin.

4. Favors inner connection

Because it is quite high in salt, there is a whole protection of our energy when we are around. In addition, it absorbs any and all negative thoughts or energies that may be in the close radius of the candle holder. It’s a real filter. It should also be smoked when you do it in the rest of the house.

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