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Incense 7 (seven) Herbs of the renowned Brand Inca acquires this name because it has in its composition 7 wonderful herbs of energetic and spiritual cleansing that are carefully chosen in their country of origin, Brazil.

Some of these herbs are unique to that space, so it will be difficult to achieve the same perfection with copies of this incense. It is known that number 7 is a symbol of luck, protection and spirituality. Just like the week is 7 days long and the rainbow has 7 colors. This incense thus has Almécega (White-Pitch), Myrrh, Olíbano, Arruda, Cabreúva, Estoraque, Benzoin, Liturgical coal and coarse salt.

Therefore, in addition to increasing the spectrum of effects by combining the energetic functions of 7 powerful aromatic plants, it also does so under the mystery of the union of this amount of elements, thus enhancing its function of cleaning and protection.

These 7 herbs act in perfect harmony, like everything else in nature. Rue, Benzoim and Cabreúva are the 3 plants that act in direct contact with the denser energies and help break what is stopped.

These are the three plants that act on a more telluric plane, from earth to heaven.

Olibanum, Myrrh and the Estoraque are spiritual plants, which work with high vibratory bands. They are plants that attract good energies, which lead to meditative states, calm and elevate thoughts. That’s why est incense is so fabulous, 3 plants act intensely by the release of stagnant energies and 3 plants that act in the attraction and tune with good energies.

The 7 plant is the Pitch-White or pitch, which has the function of union, which acts in these two polarities of the energetic plane with tranquility, making the connection between all the ingredients of incense and anchoring the Brazilian ancestry in this incense that is also a tribute to the divine mother, more specifically Janaína or Yemanjá, which is represented in the

This incense releases an almost divine aroma of thin, soft and quite pleasant presence. Its feminine energy infects, purifies, cares for and harmonizes the environment so that we can feel peaceful and at home.

Incense 7 (seven) Inca herbs is therapeutic. The Inca house struggled so that its therapeutic incenses also had the name of aromatherapy when lit, so it is more than an incense, it is a cure. Its therapeutic properties have been proven and validated by respected publications from around the world. The Inca already brought the wisdom of the ancient Shamans to help people create lighter environments and improve their quality of life.

It is wonderful to use when you are more lazy and need to make a mini smoking and have no other products there hand. It is quite effective and can free from a lot of energy breakdown.

This incense 7 herbs is carefully handmade in Brazil in Campinas with carefully chosen plants, leaving a wonderful and refined fragrance. Even its ash can be used in massages, oils, to fortify plants and even make soaps. It can be used in devotional rituals or to protect the third vision, such as the so-called Vibhuti in India.

Each box has 9 sticks and each rod takes an average of 1h40 minutes to burn in full

100% handmade, natural, therapeutic and Original

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