Incense Mantra Jatobá (Meditation)

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The handcrafted Jatoba Mantra Incense is ideal for meditation.

The jatoba(Hymenaea sp.) is found in the Amazon, in the Atlantic Forest region, in South America, mostly in Brazil. The origin of the name comes from Tupi and means “tree with hard fruits”. It was widely used by South American indigenous peoples in moments of meditation. The resin of the jatoba, or Brazilian copal, as it is better known, is also widely used by Latin American shamans in spiritual cleansing, healing, and smoking rituals. The jatoba is widely used for meditation, its aroma is slightly sweet, a great ally to seek peaceful energies that collaborate with meditation rituals.


About Casa Mantra Incensos

The House Mantra was born in the midst of the turbulent year of 2020, where its creators, passionate about incense, aromas and the singing of mantras felt in this period the great need to practice deeper meditations for a greater internalization and to help with a small amount of positive energy the moment that the world was facing.

This incense is carefully hand-made in Brazil in the city of Campinas with carefully chosen plants, herbs, flowers, roots, barks, resins, among others, leaving a wonderful and refined fragrance. Even its ash can be used in massages, oils, to fortify plants and even make soaps. It can be used in devotional rituals or to protect the third vision, such as the so-called Vibhuti in India.

Each box has 9 rods and each rod takes an average of 2 hours to burn in full

100% handmade, natural, handmade in Brazil, therapeutic and original.

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