Jamie Sams&David Carson’s Oracle Shamanic Cards in Portuguese

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In an age of incredible scientific discoveries and technological development, man remains lost, searching for a meaning to his existence. The Oracle Shamanic Cards, by Jamie Sams and David Carson, reveals how the knowledge of American Indians indicates a path to healing and fullness. The authors, initiated in shamanism, associate patterns of behavior of animals with life lessons, which help the human being to become more intuitive and connected to nature. The Shamanic Letters studies 44 animals and their symbolism. The book is accompanied by a deck with the representation of these animals for consultation. The advisor can also make his own totem, based on his identification with animals excluded from the deck, through blank cards. This personal totem will serve as a sacred shield. Like talismans, the shield made by the advisor can help you achieve your desires. But according to the authors, Shamanic cards cannot be used for unethical purposes. The book also presents a series of sequences for divinatory reading. For example, if the letters are arranged according to the Drudic Sequence, the advisor can obtain information about the past, the present, the future, the challenges of this phase, those that have just been overcome, what is in favor and what is against the subject consulted. The Healing System reveals an aspect of personality on which it is necessary to reflect. The Sun Wheel Sequence indicates how others see the advisor. And what do animals represent? The Eagle symbolizes the spirit, the ability to live in the spiritual sphere. The Doe teaches to use the power of kindness while the bear represents introspection; the Cobra, the transmutation, the Hound, loyalty, and the Ant, patience. The authors also explain the reading of inverted letters. Thus, if the Dog’s letter appears reversed it may mean disloyalty.

It contains 44 letters and also contains a book (Portuguese) of 248 pages. The book that accompanies this Oracle is quite enlightening.

Card dimensions: 8 cm x 14 cm
Author: Jamie Sams & David Carson

Language: Portuguese (Brazil)

Publisher: Rocco

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