Lemurian Crystal Laser Tip

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The Lemurian Crystal Tip is the Crystal of the Lightworkers. It works as a light stick of very high vibration that disintegrates negative energies from objects, environments, and the Aura. This crystal anchors the highest energies in its bearer and thus awakens his or her highest potentials. The Lemurian crystal emits a very high positive energy, which energizes and purifies all people and the environment around it.

These Lemurian laser crystals are in their raw form, having been created into lasers naturally.

A laser crystal concentrates and accelerates energy and enables a transmutation of vibrations that creates a field for physical healing, expansion of consciousness and multidimensional travel, polarity balancing, and improved meditation.

The Laser Crystal is one of the most versatile and multidimensional in existence, has great amplification capacity, and can be programmed by focused attention to achieve any goal in life, inner or outer.

Also known as the “magic wand,” the Laser Wand is a stone of light that brings heightened spiritual perception to anyone who carries, uses, or meditates with it. It produces an intense beam of light with an extremely strong frequency in the realms of Spirit to be transmitted and translated into the world of physical form.

The Lemurian Crystal is one of the most important crystals left behind by the ancient masters of the Lemurian Civilization. It facilitates astral travel, releases spiritual information, and promotes an invigorating sleep filled with dreams and messages.

The Lemurian Crystal works like a super light stick capable of dissolving negative and stagnant energies in people, animals, objects, and environments. It is indicated for therapies, purification of environments, alignment of the Chakras, strengthening spiritual work, and to accelerate our evolution.

The main benefits of the Lemurian crystal are: improving the energy of the environment; purifying all types of energies; removing energetic blockages; facilitating astral travel; having revelatory dreams; strengthening and balancing the chakras; and increasing your spiritual and vital energy.


How to Use the Lemurian Crystal Laser

The Lemuria Crystal is used for healing the physical body, spiritual elevation, and manifestation of positive energies. It is known as the crystal of lightworkers, because it strengthens the Chakras, increases vitality, and gives much spiritual strength to its bearer. If it is moved in circles with the right hand, it generates protective fields in the people or environments within these circles.

Laser crystals are used to extract negativity. Keep it directed at the affected area and visualize the negative energy being extracted and being transferred into the light.

It is an effective tool for energization and purification. This powerful stone is used in chromotherapy, physical healing, activation of acupuncture points, and pineal gland work.

Through its unique sound emitted by this Laser Crystal Wand, it is possible to break mental, physical, and spiritual blockages, in addition to the ease of opening the Chakras, granting a more luminous and expansive auric field. Because of its very high vibration, it is widely used for healing.

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There are several pieces and all of them vary in color, dimension and texture because they are natural and unique crystals in their essence

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