Ox’s Eye Seed

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The Ox eye seed is used as an amulet against envy, evil eye and against negativity. In Umbanda, it is also used to make necklaces (guides) for Preto-velhos, Caboclos, Boiadeiros, and Baianos. It is also widely used in handicrafts for making necklaces, bracelets, key chains, among others. It is a great energy channeler.

The eye symbolizes perceptions and is recognized as the mirror of the soul. The organ of spiritual and mental expression. It is associated with light, spirit, and the sun.

In many cultures and religions, the Third Eye is visualized in the middle of the forehead, high above the nose, considered a symbol of inner vision and power. But, the eyes also symbolize deities, energetic protection, and spiritual elevation.

According to ancient beliefs, the eyes are emitters and energy receptors. The eye is able to release energy, both positive and negative. The famous “evil eye”, “big eye” or “fat eye”, so well known in popular culture, represent this situation well.

To combat these evil energies emitted by the eyes, only using mystical eyes to fight them and protect us.

Having “mystical eyes” in front of the house or in front of the door or “looking” at the doors and entrances of a house, are a way to protect the property and residents from bad energies.

This seed is also known by other names:

Turkey: Nazar or Kem Goz

Ancient Rome: Oculus Malus

Arabia: Ayin Harsha

Greece: Baskania

Italy: Mallochio or La Jettatura

Germany: Bose Blik

Spain: Mal ojo, semilla de buey

France: Malvis Oeil

India: Drishtidosham( Buddha’s Third Eye)

Ireland: Droch-Shuil

Israel: Ayin Horea

Egypt: Eye of Horus

Mexico: Venado Ojo (deer eye)

England: Evil Eye, All-Seeing Eye, Evil Eye Protector

The Ox Eye Seed

The huge family of legumes (Fabaceae) contains many species of tropical vines, but some of the most interesting belong to the genus Mucuna. There are many mucuna species in the tropical regions of the world, including M. urens, M. pruriens and M. sloanei. Most mucuna species are vines called lianas that curl up in tropical forest trees as “botanical boa constrictors”. Its flowers and pods pollinated by bats are produced on long, rope-shaped stems, hanging through the forest. The pods are covered with microscopic velvety hairs that can be extremely painful if they get in your eyes. In the Caribbean region and Central America, they were used as a remedy to eliminate intestinal parasites. Dense cover of irritating hair can help discourage seed predators, especially when seeds are soft and vulnerable. At maturity, each pod produces several hard seeds similar to marble. The seed is called the bull’s eye or “buey ojo” because of its striking resemblance to a bull’s eye. Seeds are also known as “sea beans” because they are usually transported by rivers to the ocean.

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How to use the Ox Eye seed

You can use it with you in a pocket or somewhere else that’s next to you. This seed will bond with your energy and is a good way to protect yourself as it will absorb negativity, but it’s also great for knowing how your energy is doing.

If you put it in a glass with 1/3 water, 1/3 of salt and leave a little empty, it will represent your energy. If it floats, it will be good, or you should take precautions so that you can rise again through prayer, spiritual practices, reiki, mantra intonations or simply smoke the space where you spend the most time. When the site or you are negatively charged, the seeds will burst and in this case, send out the seeds and put new seeds in place. It can also happen to leave only the salt out, in which case change the water and keep the Ox Eye.

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There are several pieces and they all vary in color, size and texture because they are natural and unique in essence

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