Spanish Triquetra Hanging Mat

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Triquetra Pendulum Mat in Spanish, so that it indicates the correct direction of the questions to be asked.

In order for the pendulum to receive the right energy, the conscience of the person who will be consulting with the pendulum, as well as that of the consulter (if any), must be pure, impartial, without obstacles and emotional influences.
In principle, everyone is capable of using a pendulum and using this method to resolve their doubts and find the answers they need, as long as they are receptive, have inner peace, are impartial, are sensitive to their surroundings, have a balanced mind (and body), and are able to concentrate on the moment and empty their minds of all thoughts (similar to deep meditation). In other words, there are few people who cannot use the pendulum, and this situation occurs if the user is not of sound mind and in an emotional condition to make the consultations.

Like any study, the use of the pendulum needs a thorough study of the principles of movement, of energy, and how to deal with the art of divination as a whole, in order to obtain a clear, unbiased and honest result.

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