Merkaba Quartz Cherry 2 cm

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Merkabah Cherry Quartz Crystal 2 cm

The Cherry Quartz Merkaba is a powerful spiritual tool that can bring significant benefits to the mind, body, and soul. It is composed of two tetrahedrons, one pointing up and one down, which rotate in opposite directions, creating a sphere-shaped energy field around the user.

This energy field can help balance and harmonize the chakras, increase intuition and mental clarity, promote emotional and physical healing, and enhance the connection with the Higher Self and Divine Source.

By meditating with the Cherry Quartz Merkaba, you can experience a sense of deep peace and connection to the universe, allowing you to access new levels of awareness and spiritual understanding. It is a powerful tool for those seeking spiritual evolution and expansion of consciousness.

About Merkabah

Through studies of the sacred teachings of the civilizations of Lemuria, Atlantis, and ancient Egypt, and joining with knowledge and studies on quantum physics and sacred geometry, it was possible to discover a powerful set of techniques that make it possible to achieve the complete activation of the body and vehicle of light. It was the ancient vehicle that these civilizations used when they needed to move between dimensions. By joining the Merkabah with opening the heart chakra and reaching the vibration of unconditional love, we are able to cleanse the energetic and subtle channels of our bodies, broadening and elevating our consciousness.

Through sacred geometry, we bring to consciousness the existence of various magnetic fields that surround our bodies, and through meditation with the Merkabah, we are able to access these fields, triggering our light vehicle and projecting our being into other dimensions.

The awareness and activation of the Merkabah vehicle of light can bring various benefits to the human being:
Accelerates the Ascension process considerably
Enables an expansion of self-awareness, as well as awareness of relationships with other beings, planet, and the Universe
– Activation of the energetic channels of the physical and subtle bodies
– Harmony and complete integration of your being
– Accelerates and increases insights – self awareness
– Improves the performance of the physical body
– Activates areas of the brain, increasing potential
– Increases the overall energy potential
– Increased abilities such as telepathy, clairvoyance, bilocation, multilocation, etc…

In order for us to ascend and leave the wheel of Samsara reincarnations, each of us needs to transform the material (physical) body into a body of light through the transmutation of the Karma acquired in other lives and in this one, and the Merkabah will be the key of passage while we are in evolutionary processes to reach the Photon Belt (the Christ Consciousness). It can be used as a shield against our interior or exterior attacks.

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