Moldavita 3gr

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This wonderful Moldavita measures approx 2 cm.

It has a weight of 3 Gr. One-piece.

About Moldavita

Approximately 15 million years ago, on the territory of present-day Germany and the Czech Republic, a beautiful green-colored asteroid with a high silicon content (similar to our brain) arrived. It is called Moldavite or Vltavin (after the Vltava river). Moldavite has come for a noble purpose and anyone who accepts this is revealed an important message (and much more). In Moldavita she concentrates pure Love and her green aura works primarily on the Anahata heart chakra (the core of six other human centers of consciousness energy). It frees the Soul, brings peace to life and strengthens mental and physical health. It is one of the most powerful tools to heal and eliminate pain (internal organs, toothache, headache, etc.).

The bigger or heavier the Moldavita, the stronger it is. Some people can feel the Stone’s energy in the hand, but it is most effective when used in the heart area. You can feel Moldavite also in the Third sight, 6th chakra, where it opens the vision of the invisible and increases your clairvoyance, but you have to be free of all negative thoughts, worries and problems. This stone is described in the book by Eric Pearl (creator of Reconnective Healing Therapy), when one of his patients offers him this stone and he immediately begins to feel its effects and thus receives Reconnective Healing.

If you place a Moldavita around you in 6 or 12 point Mandala, they work very strongly in treatment, relaxation, meditation, protection against radiation; they also strengthen your dreams so that they become real and psychic, sometimes also prophetic. Moldavita works with a very subtle high vibration, so it can help you rise through the heart to the highest spiritual areas, to the center of the eternal light that permeates all that exists in all infinity.

It will connect you with other people who are similar inside, with the highest Angelic Spirits, with the center of all Creation, the creator himself. You begin to become love and wisdom. You can develop compassion and love to the highest point, so you can do the most difficult tasks like forgiving, transmuting evil into good, etc. Moldavite puts you on the path that leads to your destination, the core of all that exists, a second birth (Spiritual Awakening), to perfection.

Moldavite carries extraterrestrial energies and combines them with Mother Earth, taking you beyond your wildest boundaries and beliefs. A new age stone, it promotes good fortune and fertility. It is a great rock to develop your spiritual growth.
It is recognized as one of the highest vibrational stones along with Cintamani.

In case of doubts regarding this product on the Templo de Buda site, you can contact Whatsapp, email or Facebook

Shipping up to 10 days

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Weight 3 g
Dimensions 2 cm


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