Oracle Crystal Angels of Doreen Virtue in English

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The divine teachings of the angels and crystals of Doreen Virtue

With the Oracle Crystal Angels or Crystal Angels Oracle Cards (original name), Doreen Virtue brings us the loving energy and positive messages of 44 types of crystals.

This deck is as much a teaching tool about crystals as an accurate method of divination. In Doreen’s earlier writings, she unites the colors and functions of each angel’s aura, with matching crystals that share the same properties and colors. The accompanying guide will also make suggestions on how to incorporate crystal gems into readings with crystal angel letters.

Angels and Crystals are both gifts from God to help us live a happy and healthy life. Angels are powerful messengers of pure love and God’s energy, and crystals are beautiful amplifiers of energy. So when we combine angels and crystals, they magnify divine love to help us all. With the Oracle Crystalline Angels, Doreen Virtue brings loving energy and positive messages from 44 crystal souls. The deck is made with a heavenly beauty of angel and crystal illustrations by the amazing artist Marius Michael-George.

Each card corresponds to the crystal in the center of it. In most cards, a specific crystal is held by an angel.

In some cards the artist decides to highlight the beauty of crystals through symbols such as hearts and angels.

This deck was released after Doreen Virtue had undergone some major changes of faith and officially announced that it would no longer create books or decks of this nature, thus being his last work linked to this type of decks.

This also explains the stronger emphasis on God in deck messages compared to many of his previous decks. At the beginning of the accompanying book, she writes about crystals in a context of Christianity, explaining that crystals are amplifiers of divine messages. She also makes a point of warning about “worshipping” crystals as idols.

Contains 44 cards, this oracle is easy to use, being suitable for both beginners and those who have more experience with guessing cards. It also contains a pocket book (English) of 107 pages of the same size as the letters. Both are contained inside a solid cardboard box with bright stars. This book will also make suggestions on how to incorporate crystal gems into readings with the Oracle Crystal Angels.

Card dimensions: 9cm x 12.5cm
Author: Doreen Virtue, PhD

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