Siolo Thompson’s Winterseer Animal Oracle in English

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With the Winterseer Animal Oracle gain the Wisdom of the ancient revered Creatures of the Northern Climates.

Experience Celtic and Norse wisdom in a whole new way with this exquisite oracle. Winterseer Animal shows you how to deepen your divination practice through the wisdom of 56 wonderful creatures native to northern climates, from salmon and magpie to badger and bear.

Each of the 56 cards is lovingly crafted, with a wide variety of northern European animal life that are emblazoned with an appropriate keyword.

Featuring Siolo Thompson’s stunning watercolor illustrations, these letters reinforce your readings with their stunning detail, and the accompanying guide uses the mythology of days gone by to inspire your modern life.

Deck: 56 cards

Author: Siolo Thompson

Language: English

Book: 192 pages in English

Publisher: Llewellyn

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