Oracle Precious Crystals by Maxine Gadd in English

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Welcome to an exquisite, delicate and powerful kingdom where the magic and wisdom of powerful crystals come to life in a mystical and delicious oracle. Discover the face of Amethyst, look Emerald in the eye, and delight in the reflective splendor of the Moon Stone personified. The renowned and beloved artist, Maxine Gadd fused the wonder of her Imaginarium with the world of crystals or gems to create an oracle that perfectly unites earth-based practical guidance with blessings and superior knowledge.

With the oracle precious crystals will be able to use the intuitive power of gems or crystals to concentrate energy in three important areas of your life: love, career / money and personal well-being.

Each card places a face on a gemstone, so you can relate to your energy on a totally personal level.

Contains 40 cards, this oracle is easy to use, being suitable for both beginners and those who have more experience with guessing cards. It also contains a 96-page pocket guide book of the same size as the letters describing the physical and healing properties of 40 gems. Inspirational statements and verses by Leela J. Williams and reading schemes with unique themes for contemplation are also provided. Both are contained inside a solid cardboard box that will protect your deck.

This guide book also contains:

– Physical and healing properties of 40 gems
– Associations, interesting facts and cultural uses of the same stones
– Affirmations to help tune in to the vibration, messaging and healing of gems
– Inspired verses and divinatory meanings of Leela J. Williams

Card dimensions: 9.5cm x 14cm

Author: Maxine Gadd

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