Oracle Masters, Mystics, Saints & Crystal Guardians of Margaret Ann Lembo in English

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The Oracle Masters, Mystics, Saints & Crystal Guardians of Margaret Ann Lembo or Masters, Mystics, Saints & Gemstone Guardians Oracle Cards (original name), will combine the vibration of these teachers with crystals, minerals and stones and thus provide guidance and messages of hope, happiness and well-being.

Teachers, mystics and Saints still share their energies and messages, also through this oracle.

The Guardians of crystals are the devic strength of the precious stone that energetically helps to achieve objectives and desires through color and geometric structure, using a certain crystal. In each of the letters contained in this oracle is a question for contemplative thought, Divine Guidance and a positive affirmation.

Add these letters from this Oracle Masters, Mystics, Saints & Crystal Guardians, to Angel communication sessions and tarot readings for greater insight and direction.

Take one letter a day for inspiration and use the statement throughout the day. Within this deck of 44 cards, the crystals are vibrationally combined with affirmative thoughts and a Mystic, Holy or Master Teacher for you to use in your daily life. Follow the Divine Guidance and repeat the statements of the Masters, Mystics and Saints to transform your reality into joy, wealth, health, protection and happy relationships.

The cards are inscribed on both sides, which makes this deck quite full of information.

1. Amethyst Druse — White Buffalo Calf Woman
2. Amethyst Chevron — Saint Germain
3rd Ametrino — Ganesha
4. Andalusia or Stone Cross — Jesus
5th Aragonite — Swami Sivinanda
6. Axinite — Saint Jude
7. Azurita with Malachite — Santa Ana
8. Bismuth — Pallas Athena Creative Intelligence
9. Eye of the Tiger — Santa Lucia
10. Bornita (Peacock Ore) — Seraphis Bey
11. Blue Calcite — Tara Verde
12. Calcite Dogtooth (Calcite Dog Tooth) — San Francisco de Assisi
13. Calcopirita — Saint Nicholas
14. Crystal Chrysanthemum– Padmasambhava
15. Copper — Satya Sai Baba
16th Covelita — Krishna
17. Desert Rose — St Therese of Lisieux
18. Dioptase — Mother Teresa
19. Stone Star — Buddha of Blue Medicine
20. Pedra Sol Verde — Saint Patricio
21. Jaspe Kambamba — Paramahansa Yogananda
22. Jaspe Mookaite — Neem Karoli Baba
23. Jasper Zebra — Saint Frances of Cabrini
24. Labradorite — Archangel Metatron-Enoch
25th Magnesita — Magnesite
26. Black Moon Stone — Spider Woman
27. Muscovita — Saint Anthony
28. Obsidiana Ourada or Gold — MahaKala
29th Opalina — Sanat Kumara
30th Petalite — Kuan Yin
31. Xylopala or Petrified Wood — Saint Joseph of Nazareth
32. Prehnita — His Holiness 14th Dalai Lama
33. Phantom Quartz — Walt Disney
34. Quartz Plumber — Saint Christopher
35. Crystal Master of Isis — Isis
36.Crystal Master Engraver — El Morya

37. Rodonite — Mary Magdalene

38. Ruby with Fuchsita — Saint Valentine
39. Septaria — Anasazi Ancestral People

40th Serafinite — Kachinas
41. Serpentine — Saint Brigida
42. Eye Crystal Ox — Saint Joan of Arc
43. Blue Topaz — Mother Mary
44. Vananidita — Saint Cecilia

This oracle is a teaching for information on precious stones and crystals and can also be used to identify them.

In this oracle you will learn a little about Tara Verde, Santa Ana and Sathya Sri Sai Baba and their vibratingly matching crystal, mineral or stone.

Contains 44 cards, this oracle is easy to use, being suitable for both beginners and those who have more experience with guessing cards. It also contains pocket book (English) and both are contained inside a solid colored cardboard box.

About the Author

Margaret Ann Lembo is the author of “Color Your Life with Crystals”, “Angel Gemstone Oracle Cards”, “Chakra Awakening”; and “The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones”. She is a spiritual entrepreneur, aromatherapist and owner of The Crystal Garden – a bookstore, gift shop and spiritual center in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Language : English

Card dimensions: 10 cm x 14 cm
Author: Margaret Ann Lembo

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