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This deck is the original Tarot Rider Waite in English, printed from plates that were destroyed during the bombing of London during World War II. It has the original design and colors on the box and cards of one of the first Tarots to be printed.

About Tarot Rider Waite

The Tarot Rider Waite or Tarot Waite Smith is one of the best known decks in the world. This Tarot came to us at the hands of the British mystic Arthur Edward Waite, which was first published in a book by Waite by the name The Pictorial Key to the Tarot in 1910. Arthur Waite oversaw all the traditions and history of the meaning of each letter. That same year, the 78 blades of the deck were also published by the same editor. The symbolic and completely filled illustrations of this Tarot are not only limited to the Major Arcana, unlike many other Tarots, but also include illustrations of the Lesser Arcana.

All tarot rider waite illustrations were created by Waite, who was a member of the Brotherhood of Rose+Cross, who gave him much of the intuition for the blade illustrations. The letters were later painted by artist Pamela Colman Smith, and studied with Waite’s instructions and accompaniment. In this type of Tarot it is very easy to perceive each card through the symbolism of each image, which makes reading very practical and intuitive. Curiously, Waite decided to replace the Christian image of the old decks of other authors, replacing the letter of the “Pope” with the “Hierophant” and the “Papisa” with the “Priestess”.

This deck was without a doubt a huge influence on the soothsayers and all the divinatory arts practiced in our day. Imitations were created based on this same deck. Examples of these in various degrees, we have: Tarot Universal Waite, Tarot Aquarian, Tarot Nigel-Jackson, Tarot Gilded, Tarot Golden-Rider, among many others.

The wonderful feature of tarot rider waite is the fact that all cards, including the 40 numbered ones (1 to 10 of the 4 suits), are presented with emblematic images, so easier to interpret, than the swords, clubs, hearts and diamonds used in other Tarots. Waite thought that the madman not being numbered and represented by 0 should not be placed between cards 20 and 21, and that his natural sequence would be ahead of the Mage, attributing to him the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Aleph.

Waite exchanged the numbers of two major Arcana cards: the strength often shown with XI, especially in the Tarot of Marseille, in the Grimaud version came to be designated as VIII; Justice, better known as VIII, is designated by Waite as xi.

It contains 78 letters and also contains a pocket guide book (English) with 30 pages. Both are contained inside a cardboard box.

Author: Arthur Edward Waite

Language: English

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