Mystic Incense Pack by Anne Stockes

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A gift package from the Mystical Anne Stokes incense range. Includes one hexagonal pack of each Mystical incense, six in total.


Gothic Prayer – In the sacred halls where the supplications are made, the sensual aroma that brings an inner peace persists

Dragon Beauty – In the dark caves where dragons live. the soft sweet fragrance of amber honey permeates all

Angel Pink – The aromatic and unmistakable heavenly scent of the red rose fills the air whenever it is near

Aracnafaria – The enigmatic smell of the Queen of the night is quite strong as saffron, but stimulating, and will always remember to be in her presence

Protector- Along verdant paths traveled by wolves, chamomile is born and fills the valley with an aroma to clear the mind

Immortal Flight – Violet’s floral scent has the magic of getting to the bottom of itself and calming the mind, body and soul

Each hexagonal pack contains 20 sticks of incense that will fill your home with mystical scents.

About Anne Stockes

Anne Stokes’ fantastic art is known worldwide. Anne Stokes presents impressive designs and life as fantasy. .Her art covers a wide variety of themes, from romantic and magical enchanted forests to the dark underworld of Gothic vampires. Classic topics are reinvented with strong design and impact, and new creatures are brought to life in a unique and compelling way.
Anne is originally from London and began her artistic career as an advertising designer for bands such as Queen and the Rolling Stones. Anne also worked as a jewelry designer and sculptor.
As Anne’s artistic career progressed, she began to license her own creations and expand the range of her fantasy-themed paintings. His many paintings have been licensed in a wide range of products that are on sale all over the world, including t-shirts, posters, book covers, calendars, puzzles, Tarot cards, sculptures, mugs, jewelry and greeting cards. She continues to produce new works and has published several books.

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