Aromatic Pearls Sacred Mother Sandal

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Holy Mother Sandalwood Aromatic Pearls relax your mind and body generating an atmosphere of calm. It is used when seeking inner peace, balance, in moments of reflection, for people with stress and a busy lifestyle. It dissolves tension and is an invitation to let your imagination flow on a wonderful, rejuvenating journey. It helps you achieve a deeper spiritual connection through your meditative work.

Sandalwood is a sacred wood that has many spiritual uses and is a magical addition to your intentions. Aligned with the direction of the South and element of Fire as well as Earth, Sandalwood is peaceful, healing, earthy, and protective. Burnt red sandalwood can benefit intentions, promoting a more relaxed state of mind and raising your vibration. It can be burned as a sacred offering to your Deities or to wonderfully honor your Ancestors. Red Sandalwood is also burned to ward off negativity, protection, healing, cleansing, purification, clairvoyance, psychic visions, love, attraction, blessings, astral travel, meditation, and promote spiritual awareness.

Sandalwood, an Indian tree, santalum album and has been used for millennia in cleansing rituals and religious consecration for its beneficial effects. Among them, the strong spiritual elevation. This super fragrant wood accompanies the peoples of India, China, and Egypt, who for thousands of years have used its oil to bless newborns and embalm the dead. But, this tree is native to Malaysia, having spread to India four thousand years ago, where it is considered that the best essence comes from the Misore region, where the best essential oil used in Western perfumery comes from.

Just as we cleanse our bodies, it is very important to purify our homes and workspaces. The scent of these aromatic pearls is a way to restore harmony and balance. This tool is quite ancient and holds its power of intention and communication with herbs, allows you to connect with the earth, the universe and its power of renewal, restoring harmony in your home, body and soul.

The Sagrada Madre brand works with the goal of providing authentic products of pure nature, with raw materials of the highest quality, committed to nature, ecology and sustainability.

This incense thus has liturgical charcoal, salt, sandalwood, and herbal binder.


How to use the Pearls Aromatics

First of all choose your intention (healing, energetic cleansing, protection, attunement with guides or angels, etc). Don’t light it just to “smell” the house. There is a whole spiritual process behind a ritual that must be respected. Any and all energy that you “invoke” with the pyramid incense will be available for your request. There are also elementals of nature that will be made available to be burned in your favor. It is our duty to show respect for this process.

– First, in a incense holder of metal or clay (to receive the ashes that will fall and to protect the places where they are placed from burns that may arise from these ashes – which is not flammable) light a liturgical coal and place the pearl on top of the coal to promote burning. It is also possible to burn the aromatic pearl directly in the fire, by lighting it with a candle or lighter with the help of tweezers.

– Unite mentally with the smell and feel the peace that each one keeps within himself. It’s your time to relax. Make it your ritual of relaxation and meditation.

– Clean in a ventilated environment

-Take the leftovers to Mother Nature

100% handmade, natural, therapeutic, and original.

These aromatic sandalwood pearls are carefully handmade in Argentina with carefully chosen products, leaving a wonderful, refined fragrance. Because it is totally natural, even its ash can be used in massages, oils, to fortify plants and even make soaps. It can be used in devotional rituals or to protect the third sight.


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