10 cm Square Selenite Plate

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🌟 Unleash your energy with the 10 cm Square Selenite Plate! This powerful spiritual tool is perfect for cleansing crystals, balancing chakras and creating a space of peace and protection. 🙏 Leave negative energy behind and embrace the pure vibration of selenite.

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The Magic of the 10 cm Square Selenite Plate: Cleanliness and High Vibration

The 10 cm Square Selenite Plate is a powerful instrument that allows you to clean several crystals simultaneously, keeping them in high vibration. This versatile crystal can also be used to purify other objects and even the water we drink, promoting an environment of pure and elevated energy.

What is Selenite?

Selenite is a natural crystal composed mainly of silicon dioxide. It is characterized by its white, translucent appearance and is often used in healing therapies, meditation and as a decorative object. With many spiritual benefits and powerful properties, selenite can improve physical, mental and emotional health.

Spiritual Benefits of the 10 cm Square Selenite Plate

Chakra cleansing and balancing

One of the main benefits of the 10 cm Square Selenite Plate is its ability to help cleanse and balance the chakras. This crystal is especially effective in cleansing and strengthening the crown chakra, which is responsible for our connection with spirituality and intuition. By using selenite, you can feel a sense of clarity and peace of mind, improving concentration and creativity.

Removing Energy Blockages

Another significant spiritual benefit of the 10 cm Square Selenite Plate is its ability to remove energy blockages and promote emotional healing. Selenite absorbs and neutralizes negative energies, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. It also helps to release traumatic memories and repressed emotions, promoting emotional healing and restoring inner peace.

Selenite’s Physical and Mental Properties

Improved concentration and memory

The 10 cm Square Selenite Plate helps improve concentration and memory. By balancing energy levels in the brain, this crystal can increase learning capacity and information retention, making it an indispensable ally for students and professionals.

Protective Properties of the 10 cm Square Selenite Plate

Creating a Protected Space

The properties of the 10 cm Square Selenite Plate protect from external influences, evoking the protection of the Angels and the Angelic realm. When placed in space, selenite towers absorb and dissipate negative energy, creating a peaceful environment with calming energy. Placing a selenite tower in each corner of the space creates a protective shield, ensuring a peaceful and safe environment.

Energy Amplification

Selenite towers amplify and elevate both the energy of space and that of any other healing crystal they touch. They generate an incredible amount of healing and grounding energy, helping you to feel safe and comforted. During meditation, selenite lifts the spirit and cleanses the aura, leaving a feeling of lightness and connection with the Earth.

How to Use the 10 cm Square Selenite Plate

Cleaning Crystals and Objects

To use the 10 cm Square Selenite Plate to clean crystals, simply place the stones on the plate and leave them for a minimum of 15 minutes. This time can vary according to need, but after the stipulated period, the stones will be clean and energized, ready for use again.

Water Purification

The 10 cm Square Selenite Plate can also be used to purify water. By placing the plate in contact with the water for a period of time, it is possible to remove energetic impurities, making the water purer and more beneficial for consumption.

New discoveries about Selenite

Spiritual Properties

The 10 cm Square Selenite Plate not only cleanses and balances the chakras, it is also a powerful spiritual amplifier. This crystal helps to open the third eye, promoting visions and intuitive experiences. In addition, selenite facilitates communication with spirit guides and beings of light, making it an excellent support for advanced spiritual practices.

Emotional Health Benefits

Recent studies indicate that the 10 cm Square Selenite Plate can help manage difficult emotions such as sadness and anger. Using selenite during meditation or mindfulness practices can relieve intense emotional states and promote a state of serenity and emotional balance.

Note: Selenite crystals often form at the moment when seawater evaporates. As they become heavier, these crystals sink to the bottom of the sea. Interestingly, Selenite can be permanently damaged if exposed to water, so do not clean it and do not even put it in water for any reason. You can use the Crystal Tunner to clean it.

There are several pieces and all of them vary in color, dimension and texture because they are natural and unique crystals in their essence

If you want help cleaning your crystals, Selenite is the most appropriate crystal, but you can see how to treat your crystals here

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  1. Pedro Alexandre

    Adoro ter placas de selenite.. de todos os feitios! A selenite é dos melhores cristais que se pode ter! A sua energia de limpeza e energização é muito boa mesmo! Estando em placa, assim permite assim a limpeza e energização dos nosso cristais ao coloca los em cima da placa. Aconselho a comprarem uma!

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