Selenite Flower of Life Incense Holder

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Transform your home into an oasis of peace and balance with the Flower of Life Selenite Incense Holder. Discover the magic of this sacred symbol and perfume your life with positive energy. Embrace the power of serenity and be enchanted by the unique beauty of this charming object.

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Discover the Magic of Selenite with the Flower of Life Incense Holder: Purify your Life and Sacred Space

Be transported to a realm of purification and spiritual elevation with the magnificent Selenite Flower of Life Incense Holder. This divine artifact not only supports one incense at a time, but is also a sacred tool for simultaneously cleansing several crystals, keeping them in a high vibrational state. Imagine, moreover, the ability to purify not only objects, but even the water you drink, elevating everything to a state of heavenly purity.

The Beauty and Symbolism of the Flower of Life Selenite Incense Holder

The Meaning of the Flower of Life

The beauty and symbolism of the Flower of Life adorn this incense holder, representing the expansion of consciousness. It is the key to transcending the weight of past karmas and embracing present awareness, providing a full understanding of the spiritual path. The intricate floral designs, in gold, emerge from the intersection of perfect circles, generating the iconic image with six petals. This formation is a representation of a divine DNA chain, containing the data of all existence in the universe, present and past.

Selenite’s Spiritual Properties

Selenite, with its unique spiritual properties, brings heavenly energy, promoting mental clarity, inner peace and deep spiritual connection. In addition to its purifying properties, Selenite is recognized for its ability to channel positive energies and elevate spirituality. This crystal, when combined with the Flower of Life Incense Holder, amplifies its power to purify and uplift the spirit.

Benefits of the Selenite Flower of Life Incense Holder

Purification and Vibrational Upliftment

Transform your space into an oasis of spiritual purification and cosmic upliftment. This incense holder is perfect for energetically cleansing any environment, removing negative energies and creating a space of peace and harmony. Elevates, Purifies, Connects!

Use in Holistic Therapies and Retreats

Holistic therapies

The Selenite Flower of Life Incense Holder is widely used in various holistic therapies, such as Reiki, Meditation and Crystal Therapies. Therapists can apply this product to their patients to cleanse the aura, balance the chakras and promote a feeling of general well-being. During Reiki sessions, selenite can be placed around the body to intensify the healing energy.

Spiritual Retreats

In spiritual retreats, the Selenite Flower of Life Incense Holder can be used in purification and meditation rituals. This artifact helps to create a sacred and safe environment, ideal for introspection and spiritual growth. Their constant presence purifies and elevates the energy of the space, facilitating profound spiritual experiences.

Indian Vedic Astrology and the Selenite Flower of Life Incense Holder

Astrological influences

In Indian Vedic astrology, Selenite is associated with the Moon, governing emotions, intuition and subconscious aspects of the mind. This crystal can be used to balance lunar influences, helping to bring emotional clarity and calm. The Selenite Flower of Life Incense Holder is therefore a powerful ally for those seeking emotional harmony and a deeper spiritual connection.

The Selenite Flower of Life Incense Holder is a divine artifact that not only beautifies your space, but also raises your spiritual vibration. With its ability to purify and raise energies, this incense holder is an ideal companion for holistic therapies, spiritual retreats and daily meditation practices. Get yours now and transform your life and sacred space.

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How to proceed

Simply place the stones or objects to be cleaned on top of the Selenite Incense Holder and leave them for a minimum of 15 minutes, however this time may vary with need. After this period the stones are already clean and energized. Ready to go to work again!

There are several pieces and all of them vary in color, dimension and texture because they are natural and unique crystals in their essence

If you want help cleaning your crystals, Selenite is the most appropriate crystal, but you can see how to treat your crystals here

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Gold 14.5 cm, Gold 24.5 cm, White 15.5 cm

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  1. Pedro Alexandre

    A selenite é dos melhores cristais que se pode ter! A sua energia de limpeza e energização é muito boa mesmo! Estando em porta incensos, permite nao só a limpeza com o incenso, mas sim a limpeza com o poder da selenite! Um 2 em 1 impressionante e que aconselho vivamente! O preço é bastante bom!

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