Elestial Quartz (Alligator Quartz) up to 4 cm

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Elestial Quartz, are considered Master Quartz – Master Quartz are all crystals that have developed with a special and characteristic shape, i.e. with a specific geometry and special formations. These special forms contribute to the energetic properties of quartz acquiring a distinctive frequency related to certain patterns of higher consciousness.

These quartz are unique, for beyond their own vibration, the shape of these master crystals provide us with certain levels of knowledge and provide us with guidance, as spiritual guides to aid our evolution on the path to being beings of light.

The name of this quartz is related to the word “celestial” (but without the letter C) to make a new word. The prefix that of the word is“el” meaning“above the horizon“, which is related to the meaning of the word celestial, which is associated with spirituality, beings from above, heavenly beings, and the Divine. Angels are known to be part of the heavenly (celestial) realm, and elestial quartz has a strong binding energy to get in touch with these celestial beings.

Elestial quartz can also be found by the name of: 1. Alligator Quartz, which has this name due to the scales that the crystals acquire when they form on top of the base, like the hide of an alligator; 2. Skeletal Quart z also has this name, because Elestial comes from Skeleton, in reference to the numerous branches of the crystals from the base/main stem.

Assist in the treatment of epilepsy, schizophrenia, labyrinthitis, and controls physical imbalances caused by disease.

It acts mainly on the 4th chakra (heart – anahata) and is associated with the sign of Sagittarius.


Benefits of Elestial Quartz

  • Improves communication skills
  • Facilitates the verbalization of emotions and feelings
  • Controls emotional disturbances
  • Harmonizes the reasons of the heart with the rationality of the intellect
  • Stabilizes the brain’s wave frequencies
  • Helps to control confused and scattered thoughts
  • Perceives the inner values of one’s own personality, especially the value of love
  • Awakens awareness of the present reality and helps us discover the spiritual values that should accompany our actions
  • Become aware of our immortality and tune your own life in view of this reality
  • Helps to understand the mysteries of life and death
  • Clarifies information and intuitions about the past, present, and future of our life
  • Awakens the ultimate wisdom in our spirit to seize opportunities for development and acquire perfection
  • Improves the organization and work of the communities
  • Opens our spirit to cosmic wisdom and helps us interpret the messages we receive
  • It accompanies the transformations and changes of life, providing energy to seize every opportunity
  • Helps to understand the deep and hidden causes that originate psychic, emotional, and physical disorders
  • Facilitates receiving important information regarding disorders practiced in past lives that have entered the wheel of personal Karma
  • It makes it easier to understand the lessons that can cancel karma in the present life and help to fulfill all that must be done in this life in order not to have to go through it in the life to come
  • Stimulates all Chakras and indicates the position of energy blockages

There are several pieces and all of them vary in color, dimension and texture because they are natural and unique crystals in their essence

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