Raw Quartz Beta 1-1.5cm

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Beta Quartz crystals aren’t that big and giant, but don’t be fooled. It is considered a high vibration crystal.
When making contact with beta quartz, it is immediately felt that they are powerful and special quartz crystals and come from the western part of Java. Like all crystals, this quartz is also very old and has a connection with mother earth. The beauty of this crystal is that it has a very beautiful shape, namely a hexagonal pyramid with the base surfaces on top of each other. As mentioned, this crystal is very powerful and works even stronger in combination with the Black Tourmaline. Often used to make a grill, precisely due to its perfect and small shape. Beta Quartz helps you communicate with angels and guides and can be invaluable.

Recalibrate and re-re-re-inline your energy with this Natural Beta Quartz! These crystals are naturally double-ending and are a crystal of intuition and knowledge. It encourages clarity at all levels, mind, body and soul. Work with this Natural Beta Quartz to enter the energetic alignment and experience the clarity of mind, body and soul!

Beta Quartz provides a clear direction to your questions and can be used in guessing practices. It helps in the interpretation of dreams, lucid dreams, and creates a clear channel of communication between you and your higher me. Beta Quartz also helps in dna healing and tuning and activates meridians in the body.

Double-ending stones are plumbing tools with dots at both ends, perfect for sending and receiving power. You can work with them to channel energy to and from someone else, Source, Mother Earth, your ancestors, and more. You can imagine the possibilities!

Take a Beta Quartz with you or place on your healing altar to allow your clear and intuitive vibrations to radiate through your sacred spaces.

In addition to the crystalline properties found in Quartz, The Quartz Beta Crystal is a wonderful crystal tool used for both immersion and diving itself. The Beta Quartz Crystal provides clear directional information and answers “all” questions. Beta Quartz Crystal has been used in decoding/incoding dream patterns and visions. The Quartz Beta Crystal opens a portal to access the energies of the mental plane helping to create a clear channel of communication of both the higher self and the inner self. The Quartz Beta Crystal tends to resonate with the energies of intuition and “knowledge”. The Quartz Beta Crystal is a wonderful crystalline manifestation tool as it facilitates an unlimited range of exploration routes.

Beta Quartz is known as a DNA crystal for DNA tuning. Beta Quartz Crystal can be used to help prevent and repair RNA/DNA damage.

Beta Quartz is used to understand dreams and to bring the energy of the Universal Life Force to bear a complex and difficult problem.

Beta quartz is a meditation crystal that must be stored for very special occasions.

There are several pieces and all of them vary in color, size and texture because they are natural crystals and unique in their essence

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