Selenite Flower of Life Incense Holder Round Gold

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The Selenite Incense Holder Round with hole holds one incense at a time and can also be used to clean several crystals at once, plus it keeps them in high vibration. This Selenite Incense Holder Round can also be used to clean other objects and even the water we drink, making everything purified.

The Flower of Life represents the expansion of consciousness, where there is the opportunity to leave past consciousnesses, such as for example – karmic sufferings from other lives – through full understanding and thus return to the present consciousness.

The flower designs that originate in this image come from overlapping circles with identical spacing, where the center of each creates the circumference of another six circles starting from the same diameter, which causes this formation of the 6 flower petals. As such, it forms a sort of DNA chain that contains data from all life in the universe, both present and past life.

You can read more about Selenite Crystal here

How to proceed

Simply place the stones or objects to be cleaned on top of the Selenite Incense Holder and leave them for a minimum of 15 minutes, however this time may vary with need. After this period the stones are already clean and energized. Ready to go to work again!

There are several pieces and all of them vary in color, dimension and texture because they are natural and unique crystals in their essence

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Although Selenita is a crystal with self-sufficiency to clean, if you wish to help in this cleaning you can see how to treat the crystals here

Additional information

Weight 235 g
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 1 cm


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